Essential Oil DIY: Cheerful Citrus Body Scrub

Essential Oil DIY Recipe: Cheerful Citrus Body Scrub

This recipe is part of our Essential Oil DIY series. Keep checking back for more easy to follow recipes to help you use the power of essential oils to create your own natural aromatherapy blends and bath and body, skin care, hair care, cleaning products! Learn all about essential oils here, and visit our Essential Oil DIY Shop to stock up on your supplies.

This uplifting body scrub is an easy, all natural way to give your skin some TLC while putting a little pep in your step. If you’re feeling a bit bummed out about cooler weather setting in and need a little pick me up, this scrubs got you covered! It’s full of mood-boosting citrus essential oils that help banish bad moods and combat anxiety, depression, and stress. This scrub gets an extra skin-quenching boost from the addition of super moisturizing coconut oil, which helps to soften and nourish dry skin.

Here’s how to make it:

5 drops of Bergamot Oil
8 drops of Lemon Oil
5 drops of Orange Oil 
Zest of 1 lemon
½ cup of Coconut Oil
1 ½ cup of Granulated Sugar (brown sugar also works well)
A Sealable container for storing your scrub

Mix all of your ingredients together in a large bowl.
Store in a sealable container at room temperature and enjoy!

How to Use:
Massage it into wet skin during in the shower and rinse off for soft, smooth, great-smelling skin and an instantly better mood. Follow up with your favourite lotion to lock in moisture.

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