Today the Dixon Ticonderoga continues to make our mark manufacturing and marketing writing instruments, art supplies and tools for self expression, making each of our products "The Best of its Kind".

Dixon Ticonderoga Company has become more than a writing and art products company. Dixon Ticonderoga is a company that empowers people to take

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Dixon Ticonderoga Prang Eco-Friendly Soy Based Crayons
16 Crayons
Dixon Ticonderoga Prang Multipurpose Hobby Brush Set
5 Brushes
Dixon Ticonderoga Prang Washable Tempera Paint Set
8 x 25 mL Paints
Dixon Ticonderoga Prang Semi-Moist Oval Pan Watercolours Set
16 Watercolours
Dixon Phano Non-Toxic China Markers
Crimson Red
12 Markers
Dixon Primary Printer Pencils
12 Pencils