Bath Mats & Shower Seats

Bath Mats & Shower Seats
Shower Seats provide additional mobility for ease and access in the bath. With products like the Bios Adjustable Bath Seat with Backrest, these seats help make bathing safer and more comfortable. Shower seats have numerous holes in them, allowing water to drain properly, ensuring the user avoids slipping off.
slipX Solutions Safety Treads for Bathtubes and More
12 X 7.5" Treads
AquaSense Bath Mat
With Invigorating Massage Zones
1 Bath Mat
Mansfield Rubber Bath Mat
Off White
Drive Medical Tub & Stair Safety Tread
8 pieces
AquaSense Small Bath Mat
31.5" x 15 3/4"
1 Bath Mat
Bios Bath Mat
AquaTouch Safety Rubber Bath Mat
16" x 28"
Bios Bath/Shower Stool
Drive Medical Medium Bath Mat
14" x 24"
Drive Medical Bath Stool with Padded Rotating Seat
AquaSense Bath Mat
1 Bath Mat
Bios Square Shower Mat
21? x 21? (53 x 53 cm)
Bios Adjustable Bath Seat
AquaSense Shower Head
1 Shower Head
Drive Medical Shower Mat
Bios Adjustable Bath Seat with Backrest
AquaSense Folding Bath Seat
1 Bath Seat
Drive Medical Portable Shower Bench
Drive Medical Cotton Bath Mat
AquaSense Bath Mat
With Built in Temperature Indicator
1 Bath Mat
Bios Padded Bath Transfer Bench