Corn, Callus & Blister Aids

Corn, Callus & Blister Aids
Corns, calluses and blisters on feet can be painful. Anti-friction pads can protect the blister and help it heal. Corn and callus treatments, medicated pads and trimmers can remove the corn or callus.  Corn cushions and pads can help cushion your feet to relieve the pressure and speed healing.  

Dr. Scholl's Corn Removers
6 Cushions
Johnson's Foot Soap
Soothing Foot Bath
8 packets (226 g)
Band-Aid Advanced Healing Blister
6 Cushioning Gel Pads
Freezone Maximum Strength Corn & Callus Remover
10 ml
Dr. Scholl's Moleskin Plus Padding
2 Sheets
Freezone Corn Remover Pads
8 Medicated Pads
Dr. Scholl's Callus Filer
1 File
ProFoot Vita-Gel Corn Wraps
3 Wraps
Dr. Scholl's Ultra-Thin Corn Removers
9 covers, 9 medicated discs
Dr. Scholl's OneStep Callus Removers
4 medicated applications
Band-Aid Advanced Healing Blister for Fingers & Toes
8 Cushioning Gel Pads
Flexitol Blistop Blister Prevention Spray
32.5 mL
ProFoot Callus Blaster
Gel Callus Remover
120 ml
Pedifix Pedi-Quick Safety Corn & Callus Trimmer Replacement Blades
6 Reversible Replacement Blades
Dr. Scholl's Liquid Corn and Callus Remover
Dr. Scholl's One-Step Corn Removers
6 medicated bandages
2nd Skin Blister Pads
5 Blister Pads
New-Skin Liquid Bandage
Dr. Scholl's For Her Rub Relief Strips
New-Skin Liquid Bandage
Dr. Scholl's Callus Cushions with DURAGEL Technology
5 Cushions
New-Skin Liquid Bandage Spray
Drive Medical Toe Separator
2 pieces
Dr. Scholl's For Her Rub Relief Gel Spots
6 Spots
Dr. Scholl's Callus Removers with DURAGEL Technology
6 Treatments
Dr. Scholl's Blister Cushions with DURAGEL Technology
6 Cushions
Dr. Scholl's Corn Cushions with DURAGEL Technology
6 Cushions