Dry Masks & Clay Powders

Pure Beauty Organics Nourish Facial Mask
Balancing Facial Mask
Organika Activated Charcoal Powder
NOW Solutions European Clay Powder
100% Pure
170 g
Redmond Bentonite Clay Soothing Facial Mask
283 g
NOW Solutions Bentonite Clay Powder
Face and Body Detox
454 g (1 lbs)
NOW Solutions Moroccan Red Clay Powder
100% Pure
170 g
Organika Activated Charcoal Powder
100 g
Living Clay Co. Detox Clay Powder
16 Oz.
Living Clay Co. Detox Clay Powder
8 Oz.
Herbivore Botanicals Pink Clay Dry Mask
Exfoliating Floral Mask
60 g
Herbivore Botanicals Blue Clay Dry Mask
Detoxifying Treatment Mask
60 g
A.Vogel Green Clay
For Body Wraps
A.Vogel Green Clay
For Compresses
450 g
NOW Foods Moroccan Red Clay Powder
BKIND Floral Pink Clay Face Mask
60 g
NOW Foods European Clay Powder
Graydon Superfood Mask + Scrub
15 Capsules
Fig + Yarrow Rose Rhassoul Clay Mask
specially blended for mature, dry and sensitive skin
1.2oz Jar
Galenic Health Bentonite Clay Powder
S.W. Basics of Brooklyn Hibiscus Mask
Captain Blankenship Mermaid Detox Mask
1.4 oz
Captain Blankenship Petal Gentle Mask
1.2 oz
Fig + Yarrow French Green Clay Mask
appropriate for all skin types
1.2oz Jar
Pura Botancials Exotic Pink Coffee Dust Cleansing Exfoliation Mask
French Pink Clay, Banana Extract & Ocamonte Coffee
40 g