Grill Baskets

Outset Nonstick Round Grill Wok
Outset Nonstick Mesh Roasting Pan
Outset Rosewood Chrome Quesadilla Grill Basket
Outset Rosewood Chrome Fish Basket
Outset Nonstick Grill Grid with Handles
Outset Stainless Steel Paella Pan
Outset Stainless Steel Square Grill Wok
Outset Chef's Outdoor Grill Basket & Skillet
Outset Rosewood Chrome Grill Basket
Outset Stainless Steel Large Grill Grid
Outset Mini Nonstick Round Grill Wok
Outset Rosewood Nonstick Corn Basket
Outset Copper Nonstick Round Grill Wok
Outset Copper Nonstick Grill Skillet with Removable Handle
Outset Rosewood Nonstick Meatball Grilling Basket