Good Goddess Good Gut Duo
With the Good Goddess Good Gut Duo managing weight loss can be easy.  Just add these to water or your favouirte beverage and you'll be on your way to feeling like your best self!

Bundle Includes:
  • Good Goddess Fantastic Fat MCT Oil - 500 ml
  • Good Goddess Curtonic Anti-Inflammatory Tincture - 50 ml

Good Goddess Fantastic Fat MCT Oil
Fantastic Fat is coconut oil’s super-derivative and is also known as medium-chain-triglyceride (or MCT). It’s a magical form of saturated fatty acids offering numerous health benefits from improving cognitive function to managing weight. Only 62-65% of the fatty acids in coconut oil are MCTs, consider this your short-cut to the good stuff!  

  • Fat loss (yes, good fat burns bad fat!)  When fatty acids are converted into energy, the metabolism is inevitably sped up, which can help with passive fat-burning and the general efficiency of calorie burning. That’s not all! MCTs has been known to suppress fat deposition through enhanced thermogenesis and fat oxidation, that means they potentially help the body produce ketones, which gives you the same benefits as the ketogenic diet without saying goodbye to carbs (but don’t get too excited, not all carbs are created equal!)
  • Mental clarity and sharpness and increased energy levels because boosted metabolism = more energy. MCTs increase the direct stream of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which is the biochemical way to store and use energy, as well as the presence of ketones, which result from the rapid conversion of MCTs, to create energy. Instead of more than 20 steps that sugar takes to become energy, C-8 medium-chain fatty acids can be converted to usable energy in only 3 steps, to give your body rapid support and invigorate you. But what is C-8? It’s Caprylic Acid and, in our opinion, the most important medium-chain fatty acid because it’s converted extremely quickly into usable energy without involving the liver and is directly linked to improved cognition. Big bonus: It also results in a burst of energy and provides immune system support, thanks to its antioxidant and antibacterial qualities.
  • Improved digestion As well as having mild laxative qualities, MCTs also have anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial qualities that can optimize digestion and balance the micro-environment of your gut flora. This will help prevent symptoms of cramping, bloating and constipation in addition to parasitic or viral infections.
  • Decrease in appetite As it increases satiety, or feelings of fullness, which leads to reduced food intake. MCTs are broken down faster than LCTs (long-chain triglycerides) making them more readily used by the body and less likely to be converted to and stored as fat.
  • Immune system-support Due to their anti-microbial qualities, MCTs can reduce bad bacteria, such asstreptococcus (which causes strep throat, pneumonia and sinus infections), straphylococcus (which causes food poisoning and urinary tract infections), and neisseria (which causes meningitis, gonorrhea and pelvic inflammatory diseases), all without harming or removing the good bacteria.

Good Goddess Curtonic Anti-Inflammatory Tincture

CURTONIC* is a natural anti-inflammatory alternative formulated with herbs that have anti-inflammatory properties (including black pepper to boost absorption!).     It helps treat inflammations, such as arthritis, polymyalgia, fibromyalgia, bursitis and tendonitis. Inflammation has been linked to cardiovascular disease, cancer and a host of autoimmune and inflammatory conditions, including arthritis, bowel diseases, allergies and eczema. Consider this your natural, certified organic alternative to help reduce inflammation.   

Dosage: UP TO 2-3ML, 3 TIMES A DAY                

Make a delicious Curtonic Soda by adding it to sparkling water
Add to your favourite herbal tea
Make a golden cashew milk latte by warming up milk and blending together
Caution: keep out of children's reach

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