Joint Grease Step 1 Kit
1 Kit

Joint Grease Step 1 helps reduce joint pain fast and starts the joint rehabilitation process.

The Joint Grease Step 1 is used for your initial 60 days.  It reduces joint pain fast, and starts the process of joint rehabilitation.

Joint Grease Step 1 utilizes a combination of Joint Grease capsules and drops.  Joint Grease capsules contain clinically proven, patented ingredients like Perluxin that rapidly reduces joint pain and inflammation in as little as 2 days by inhibiting pain producing enzymes like COX-1 and COX-2.  Joint Grease capsules also contain Boswellin Super that inhibits the pain pathway 5-LOX.

Joint Grease solution contains clinically tested and patented COLRx which starts working on a deeper level to start the joint rehabilitation process.  Joint Grease solution has been studied at leading medical schools in 10 separate human clinical trials, and is protected by 14 US patents.  With extended use, ongoing improvement in joint health, mobility and comfort has been reported.  Years of clinical testing have proven that the ingredients in Joint Grease solution have no known side effects or negative drug interactions.  For best results, Step 1 should be repeated twice and should last 60 days.

  • Reduce joint inflamation
  • Reduce joint swelling
  • Reduce joint pain
  • Enhance synovial fluid production
  • Support and maintain healthy cartilage

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Annette: more than a year ago

I have been using Joint Grease for three weeks and I am amazed how wonderful this product is. I have arthritis in my knees and my doctor told me that I should take Tylenol for the pain. I have tried HA Joint as well Omega 3 with Krill and nothing has helped. After a week of using Joint Grease, the pain in my knees was definitely reduced and I am now able to walk freely without constant pain my knees. I love this product and will continue using it.

Margo: more than a year ago

I am extremely disappointed in this very expensive product - it not only did not help with my pain and flexibility it actually made me much much worse. On the Joint Grease website they have all kinds of made up testimonials but there is no place for a real person to add their testimonial - i think it is a scam and they posted false testimonials.

trevor: more than a year ago

this product works for me . Noticed a difference in mobility and less pain in three days. I'm going to continue with it for 6-9 weeks and then evaluate where I am.

k: more than a year ago

Amazing product...arthritis in both ankles with a cast on each foot and wheelchair bound at this time...have been on this product for 4 weeks and have cut my pain meds in half...after three years of inflammation, it is slowly dissipating. I will follow this treatment through to the end...highly recommend.

Ian: more than a year ago

The jusry is still out on this one for me - the claim that there will be less pain in two days did not happen for me. There has been less pain over the last few days after having taken them for three weeks. This may be due other factors as well, like taking glucosamine and a better diet.

ANDRE: more than a year ago

Both my wife & I love this product. Every claim made by the seller was met & we intend to move forward to using it on a regular basis.

Shirley: more than a year ago

I originally bought this product because of knee pain and stiff joints. I had tried other products, without success. The manufacturer states this product will work in two days, and let me tell you ....... it works in two days!! Great product, and all natural, too, which is important to me.

Elena: more than a year ago

I have suffered with joint pain since high school, years back i couldn't go up stair or down with out tearing up I was in so much pain in
my 30-s. I was scared but didn't wont to take prescription medication. I was exercising thinking it will help but it didn't. Until now 2 weeks ago I started taking Joint Grease and what a difference nothing I was taking before helped me so fast still cant believe it possible thank you so much....

sylvia: more than a year ago

I have osteoarthritis and got excited when I saw this product for the first time. I went on their web site to get more info before buying it......specifically I wanted some stats on how many people that were in their clinical trials got some relief from taking this product. I sent this company an email asking for this information and didn't get a response from them. So much for their claims of all these clinical trials and millions of dollars they put into research to develop this product. If they had done clinical trials they would have the stats from them and even put them on ther website. Well, they're not getting my money because I don't think this product works and I didn't even get the courtesy of an email back from them.

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