Steri/Sol Therapeutic Oral Rinse
500 ml

Sterisol theraputic oral rinse with hexetidine is for the relief of irritated and bleeding gums. It can also be a valuable addition to regular brushing of teeth, particularly where cavities are frequent or maintaining oral hygiene is a problem.

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lori: more than a year ago

This is the best oral rinse for sore throats - and my stash is now depleted! I was really hoping that by the time we ran out, the makers of sterisol would have been inundated with emails begging to bring it back... But no luck by the sounds of it! Has anyone found anything else almost as good? I still can't figure out why they'd stop making a rinse that so many people loved!? Is this the pharmaceutical companies way of making sure we dont get rid of those sore throats and cankers - having to go buy more expensive, over-the-counter remedies instead? I'm no conspiracy-theorist - just a mom with 4 kids that has used sterisol faithfully for years...

Maria: more than a year ago

By far the best rinse for oral hygiene and I concur with other reviewers: great for any oral ailment - sore throat, canker sores, irritated gums, oral thrush, plaque control. Can't find it anywhere now. Nothing comparable out there. Can't believe it's discontinued.

Susan: more than a year ago

I have been using this rinse all my life for dental hygiene and to stop sore throats dead in their tracks. It is incredibly effective. It just boggles my mind that it has been discontinued. I can now look forward to being really really ill a whole lot more.

lalu: more than a year ago

i used this mouth wash when i arrived in Canada. I do have my tongue sore and this mouth wash really helps. was wondering that this product is not available any more. how come??

Phyllis: more than a year ago

I wrote a review and you have not posted it. Is it because my response was not 5/5 ????


Judy: more than a year ago

Definitely five stars. I found this mouthwash in a specialty health store in Montreal, a few years back. I am never without it but I am getting worried that it is out of stock. My client got some dental floss stuck in her teeth; after digging, etc to get it out her gums were bleeding. One quick rinse with Sterii/sol and the bleeding stopped immediately! Absolutely perfect to keep the gums healthy! My review is that everyone should use it regularly.

Lynn: more than a year ago

Sterisol is the best, there is no replacement so please get it back, my whole family uses it for many, many yrs now.

Cheryl: more than a year ago

This product is the only one of it's kind. I finally have control over my gums and things are or were great. This product is not longer available. How can they do that without replacing it with another suitable product.

Mary: more than a year ago

I discovered this product while visiting Canada. I didn't have my waterpik with me, and this amazing product kept my gums from acting up. No products like this in the US. Will continue to use this product when I can get it, not sold in the U.S. I love Canada!

Phil: more than a year ago

As I mentioned in a previous review, this is a great product for anyone suffering from stomatitis. I've been using hexetidine products for over 20 years. Couldn't live without them. It's unfortunate that hexetidine products are unavailable in the US. Thank goodness for Canada!

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