Swheat Scoop Natural Wheat Litter Unscented
Clumping 14 lbs (6.3 kg)
Eliminates litter box odors even better!

New, improved Swheat Scoop Original Formula litter eliminates odors better, clumps faster and lasts longer than ever. No wonder why so many families are making Swheat Scoop their natural clumping brand!

This unique litter contains natural wheat enzymes that destroy litter box odours on contact. They work around the clock to keep your house smelling fresh and clean.

  • Stops odours instantly
  • Clumps fast
  • Tracks less
  • Clay & chemical free
  • Last 2x longer
  • Better for the earth
  • Biodegradable
  • Unscented

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Customer Reviews 4.5/5
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Lynn: more than a year ago

please bring this back!! :-(

Shellene: more than a year ago

Best litter ever, wished I d found it sooner as I have always had cats and this is awesome!!

Jeremi: more than a year ago

Very good natural product for kitten but must be cleaned more often in order to control the smell (2 times / day is best)

CHERYL: more than a year ago

RATING:5/5...Made from renewable resources:naturally processed wheat and other grains. It's all natural, unscented, (clay, chemical, dust free) and 100% biodegradable(landfill friendly), clumps and is totally flushable. Does NOT contain silica dust or sodium bentonite which can cause serious medical conditions. Odour control is quite good with frequent attention to the pan. Clumping...isn't like clay, better for flushing, but will become more solid the longer it's left, then be sure to wait a bit to soak before flushing. Tracking...not bad with having a pan with higher sides like a 'dish pan' as cats can manage the height ok.

12.3 lbs/5.58 kg box can last for a my case with one cat. The litter itself is reddish beige in colour.

P.S...An empty 4Lt. water bottle etc., cut in half or shorter to use top portion as a holder/transporter for scooped out litter. Bottom part of container as scooper holder.

Cry: more than a year ago

I love this litter: upon hearing of my preference I am often met with exclamations of how expensive this product is, however I typically purchase the large bag and thus it comes out almost even. This product clumps, however the clumps tend to easily crumble if shaken too much (as opposed to clay which turns to stone). A remedy to this, is adding a ton of litter in the box so that the clumps don't spread out but rather down. Minimal tracking around the house, and whatever dust my little digger accumulates is less worrisome than clay dust (more digestible, I assume). It doesn't stick to her paws like some other finer-granulated litters.

Overall, I love it. (I do feel guilty, that we're using a grain as garbage when countries elsewhere experience famine ... but I haven't found a non-clay clumping litter on which my senior cat and I can both agree)

Deidre: more than a year ago

Masks odor very well.

Angela: more than a year ago

I use this litter as a back-up when I can't find my regular litter, and it works well for odour control and clumping, but I find I need to use a lot more of it through top-ups and refills of the box after washing, more often than the other one I use. But both of my cats don't seem to mind it at all, no issues with out-of-box "accidents" that they have demonstrated with other litters I've tried.

Kim: more than a year ago

This litter does clump well. Has a bit of dust to it but it isn't bothersome. I do notice a faint urine smell, but overall this is a good product.

Melissa: more than a year ago

The only cat litter I will buy anymore! 5 stars, for some reason cannot change the rating system stars :(

Stephanie: more than a year ago

I like the product. However, when it was shipped to me, the bag opened leaking it's contents over everything thing else in the box.

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