Betadine Concentrated Mouthwash & Gargle
250 mL

Concentrated, refreshing Betadine Concentrated Mouthwash & Gargle destroys mouth odour. Because of its effectiveness as a germicide, Betadine Concentrated Mouthwash & Gargle may be used following oral surgery and dental procedures and to help relieve the pain and irritation of minor sore throat.

Betadine Concentrated Mouthwash & Gargle Non-Medicinal Ingredients: alcohol (8% v/v), eucalyptus oil, glycerine, menthol, methyl salicylate, sodium cyclamate, sodium hydroxide, water. 

Chemical Name: Povidone-iodine USP
Dosage: 1%

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eve: more than a year ago

There is no other mouthwash that could possibly compare to Betadine. Having had oral cancer, I use it every day and will continue to do so. Not only does it prevent sores and mouth irritation, it helps with a sore throat and has a pleasant taste to boot. I do not understand why this product is not available in the US, but I am deeply grateful for having found

Diana: more than a year ago

nothing else compares and we can't seem to find this product anywhere else in Vancouver.

Kathrin: more than a year ago

This product is great. It really keeps sore throats at bay as long as you use it early on enough, at the first sign a scratchy throat. It is also great for mouth ulcers/cankers.

cecil: more than a year ago

This is the only product that i am using since im in the philippines. it help my teeth and gums to stop pain and swelling. its the only thing that works to me.
i dont need to order in the Philippines because i found

Elise: more than a year ago

This is the only product that helps my husbands canker sores, we don't use it as our every day mouthwash but at the first sign of sore throat or any kind of oral irritation it's the only thing that works.

Judy: more than a year ago

Betadine is my secret weapon against colds. At the first sign of a scratchy or sore throat I gargle with neat Betadine for a full minute several times a day, for up to 3 days until I'm sure the symptoms have disappeared. I haven't had a sore throat develop into a cold for in years. This stuff is magic.

Darla: more than a year ago

This mouthwash is the best I have ever used.
Its tastes not to bad & it works really well.
I use little bit of it every day as is, I do not find that it needs to be diluted at all.
I would absolutely recommend this to anyone.

Katy: more than a year ago

Betadine mouth wash is THE best mouth wash you can use for any kind of mouth lesion. Put a small amount in a little glass, and some warm water... and sloosh it around your mouth. The pain from canker sores will go almost instantly. It is wonderful stuff. It DOES NOT sting. I have used Betadine mouth was for over 20 years. I first started using it in the UK, and had to stop using it when I moved to the US, until I found WELL.CA. Thank you.

Wanda: more than a year ago

I liked this product. I found if I diluted it with equal parts water that it was better for me.

Robert: more than a year ago

I bought this product because I was having pain in my mouth from an abscess. Having used Betadine in hospitals where I worked, I was afraid that it would taste horrible. However, I was pleasantly surprised that it actually tastes pretty good! More importantly, it completely knocked out the infection in a matter of days. I'm now using it as part of an improved dental hygiene.

This product is impossible to get here in the states and I'm grateful to Well.CA for making it available to me! I'm now a regular customer.

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