Boiron Camilia Teething Relief 30D
30 x 1 mL Doses

Baby is teething? Camilia relieves the gum pain, restlessness and irritability related to teething.

Why choose Camilia:

  • Specifically formulated for children aged 1 to 30 months
  • 97% of satisfied parents (Legendre Lubawin, Golfarb Inc. 2001 study)
  • Easy to administer: drinkable, sterile and unbreakable unit-doses
  • Toxin-free – No anesthetic  and  no acetaminophen
  • Neutral taste, sugar-free, alcohol-free, without dyes or preservative

Directions: Administer one drinkable unit-dose from the first symptoms. If symptoms persist, repeat at 15-minute intervals for up to 3 unit-doses. Repeat dosing regimen as required with subsequent episodes of teething symptoms for up to a total of 12 unit-doses per day.

Active Ingredients: Belladonna 5CH, Chamomilla 9CH, Ferrum phosphoricum 5CH

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Rave: more than a year ago

Has worked well for both of my children. Rarely have to resort to meds when using this.

Heli: more than a year ago

Works great, and has no flavor so baby takes it without fus. He has learned that it makes him feel better and actually opens wide when he sees the vile.

Gazelle: more than a year ago

I am not keener on medication in general but it did help my teething infant. He had 6 teeth (4 molars and 2 incisors) cutting through at once and it was a nightmare. I gave him one vial each night and I believe it helped relieve his pain as he was not waking crying as frequently as he was without it. It's easy to administer and he seemed to love it.

Harsahil: more than a year ago

Instant relief from irritation!

A: more than a year ago

Used for our 5 month old who seemed to magically stop being cranky after. I also like how it's packaged in individual doses so you can take some with you easily. Also, my daughter sucked it out of the tube with me holding it, instead gagging her with a syringe, she was in control of how much at a time.

Christina: more than a year ago

Works great! Used it when our three year old used to teeth and now on our 6 month old.

Julia: more than a year ago

This is our go to when our 7 month old daughter is showing the slightest signs of discomfort from teething. She doesn't seem to mind the taste and thinks it's fun to take it from the little bottle.

Tamara: more than a year ago

My baby knows what this is after just 2 doses. His willingness to take this and the calming effect it has on him immediately afterwards, which lasts for a few hours, is exactly what we hoped for.

Kerri: more than a year ago

Definitely my first line of attack on teething! LOVE that it's a clear liquid that's harder to push out of an infant's mouth! Our girl has quite the ability to get anything out of her mouth! :) This stuff goes down quite easily and smells so clean! :) Love the small individual doses - probly more money to package this way, but the convenience of not having to measure out tiny doses with a crying baby on your lap is priceless! :)

Coral: more than a year ago

Our baby does well with these! We are so happy we tried them out and had them with us on the plane and on vacation! Easy to pack and take!

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