Our CMO Erin’s The Honest Company Reviews

Erin is Well.ca’s superstar CMO and mom to 3 little ones –a 5 year old boy, 3 year old girl and a newborn boy! She took several products from The Honest Company to her family cottage last week for everyone to test and to see how they stand up to a real, busy family. Read on to get her honest reviews of what she tried and what she loved:

Conditioner & Shampoo

I loved these. The first thing you’ll notice is the amazing scent – just like a creamsicle! The smell isn’t strong enough to be overpowering, but definitely enough to put you in a great mood in the shower. The shampoo gave a great lather and left my hair feeling clean for days. The shampoo doubles as a body wash, which is a great time saver for a busy mom (every second counts!). I used this tear-free formula on all of my children and love that it helps us simplify and use one product for the whole family, including baby (right now our bathroom is cluttered with different shampoos for almost every family member). The conditioner was also a big hit. I loved that it left my hair super soft without having to use a lot. Bonus – it worked wonders on three-year old daughter’s crazy curls! It detangled beautifully and her curls looked gorgeous once they dried. Curly girls and guys, you’ll want to add this one to your list. These products were a hit in my family who tried them – my mom can’t wait to order them from Well.ca!



Face + Body Lotion

I love that it’s clean, pure, and made with natural ingredients. It’s fragrance-free, but it did have a subtle scent from the botanical ingredients, which I didn’t mind. I love that it’s made for both face and body. Extra points for products that do double duty! It’s not too thick or greasy, which makes it great as a face lotion, even when layered with sunscreen. This is another great product that I look forward to using for the whole family.



I’ll admit it – I’m not a green & natural deodorant user. This is one of the few areas where I haven’t totally embraced green products. I gave this a try for the weekend and was pleasantly surprised by the nice scent and light feel. I don’t think I will be giving up my conventional antiperspirant completely but I will definitely work this into my routine. My husband who is a user of green & natural deodorant also tested this product and thought it worked well.


Cori Myles is Well.ca's Community Manager! She has 2 cats, loves cooking, knitting, gardening, and tea, and is very #teamkale.

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