Magisso has created stylish and functional kitchenware.  From pie servers to naturally cooling ceramics, each item has been made to make life easier and more enjoyable. 

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Magisso Teacup Tea Green
Magisso Cake Server Snow White
Magisso Sponge Holder Black
Magisso Teacup Coral Red
Magisso Self Cooling ID Tumbler
Set of 2
Magisso Self Cooling ID Glass
Set of 2
Magisso Teacup Pure Black
Magisso Teacup Fresh Lemon
Magisso White Line Small Serving Plate
Magisso Self Cooling ID Shot Glass
Set of 4
Magisso White Line Carafe
Magisso White Line Round Plate
20 cm
Magisso Cloth Holder Curved Steel
Magisso Sponge Holder Stainless Steel
Magisso Cooler
Magisso Carafe Mini
Magisso Bulb Citrus Reamer with Bamboo Stand
Magisso White Line Cooler
Magisso White Line Mini Carafe
Magisso White Line Dessert Cup