Baby Registry

3 Reasons to Create a Well.ca Baby Registry

1. Easy & Convenient

You can create your perfect baby registry and send the link to your friends and family all from the comfort of your home ? perfect for busy parents-to-be! Plus, your Well.ca baby registry is just as easy for your loved ones to shop as it is for you to create.

2. Amazing Selection

From must haves for new mamas to diapers and nursery essentials and lots more, it?s easy to find everything you want and need in one place at Well.ca. And with Canada?s largest selection of green and natural products, you can feel confident that you?re making the healthiest choices for your growing family.

3. Fast Shipping

The wait to meet your little one is long enough! Well.ca?s shipping selection helps make sure that you get the baby products on your baby registry when you need them. It?s great for you and your friends and family (even the ones who leave shopping to the last minute!)

Let's Get Started!

Well.ca is proud to partner with BabyList to offer you a quick, easy, and convenient Well.ca baby registry experience. Just follow the three simple steps below to get started.

Step 1

Click the ?Create My Registry? button below and Well.ca will connect you to the baby registry sign up page, where you can start building your baby registry.

Step 2

Once you?ve created your baby registry, you?ll be asked to drag the ?Add BabyList Bookmark? button to your browser?s bookmark bar. Now your favourite Well.ca products are just a click away!

Step 3

Visit Well.ca and choose a baby product to add to your baby registry by visiting the product page. Click on the BabyList button you added to your bookmark bar and a popup box will let you add it to your baby registry! Now your family and friends will be able to click on that baby product in your baby registry and buy it straight from Well.ca.

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