At Janod, they understand the importance of play in a child's life. Janod wants to foster the development of the whole child by offering them engaging, creative toys to play and learn!

Janod is a French company located in Jura, France. They are between the cities of Lyon, France and Geneva,

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Janod Magnetibook Racers
Janod Coloring In The Bath
Janod Magnetibook Alphabet English
Janod Forest Chunky Puzzle
7 Pieces
Janod Metal Xylophone
Ages 18+ Months
Janod Bath Explorers Map
Janod Magnetibook Princess
Janod Pure Banjo
Ages 3+
Janod Puzzle City
Ages 4+
36 Count
Janod Sound Telephone
Janod Bath Memory Game
Janod Cleaning Set
Ages 3+
Janod Puzzle Snow Party
Ages 4+
36 Count
Janod Candy Chic High Chair
Ages 3+
Janod Candy Chic Doll's Bed
Ages 3+
Janod Pure Bird Xylo
Ages 12+ months
Janod Fish them all!
Janod Lama Ride-On
Janod Magneti'Book Mix & Match
Janod Big Cooker Reverso
Ages 3+
Janod I'M Learning How To Count Peacock
Ages 2+
Janod Candy Chic Stroller
Ages 18+ months
Janod Splash White And Blackboard Table
Janod Panoramic Puzzle Jungle
Janod Candy Chic Doll's Pram
Janod Blackboard Table
Janod Ironing Board
Janod Kubix 40 Cube Set Letters and Numbers Puzzle
Janod Magnetibook Animals
Janod Sound Camera
Janod Confetti Musical Table
Ages 12+ months
Janod Mozaic Big Cooker
Janod Pure Rainstick
Janod Sweet Cocoon Activity Table
Janod Brico'Kids Chain Saw
Janod Brico'Kids Drill
Janod Sweet Cocoon Activity Table
Janod Magneti'Book Dinosaurs
Janod Sweet Cocoon Multi-Activity Walker
Ages 12+ months
Janod Stacking Stones
Janod Meadow Activity Table
Janod Brico'Kids Diy Fire Truck
Janod Brico'Kids Tool Belt And Gloves Set
Janod Brico'Kids Reversible Workbench
Janod Kubix 60 Block Set City Puzzle