At Janod, they understand the importance of play in a child's life. Janod wants to foster the development of the whole child by offering them engaging, creative toys to play and learn!

Janod is a French company located in Jura, France. They are between the cities of Lyon, France and Geneva,

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Janod Harmonica
Janod Flute
Janod Ukulele
Janod Kubix Letters & Numbers Blocks
40 Blocks
Janod Metal Xylophone
Janod Trumpet
Janod Magic Tree Round Stacking Pyramid
Janod Magneti'stik World
170 cm x 100 cm
Janod Butterfly Shapes
5 Pieces
Janod Submarine Magnet
Janod Funny Magnets
Baby Dolls
4 Dolls
Janod Magnetibook Vehicles
Janod Musical Set with Guitar
Janod Doll House
Janod Magnetibook Boy Outfits
Janod Jungle Snakes & Ladders
Janod Splash Board With Letters
Janod Knight Castle Carrying Case
Janod Rocket Magnet
Janod Musical Set Confetti
Janod Story Train Firefighters
Janod Pirate Ship Floor Puzzle
Janod Baby Cat High Chair
Janod Magneibook Girl Outfit