At Kiinde, they develop innovative and revolutionary products to make life safer and easier for your little ones, and for you. They were inspired by the challenges of new parenthood and the need for truly innovative products to simplify daily tasks for busy parents. Their unique product design strategy is

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Kiinde Twist Pouch
40 Pack
Kiinde Kozii Breastmilk & Bottle Warmer
Kiinde Foodii Starter Kit
Kiinde Squeeze Spoon
2 Pack
Kiinde Foodii Squeeze Snack Pouches
40 Pouches
Kiinde Formula Funnel
2 Pack
Kiinde Foodii Squeeze Snack Pouches
20 Pouches
Kiinde Twist Gift Set
Kiinde Twist Active Latch Nipples
2 Active Latch Nipples - Slow Flow
Kiinde Twist Starter Kit
Kiinde Twist Direct Pump Adapters
14 Adapters