Tanta Pharmaceuticals Inc. has been a leading provider of products for the health care industry since 1988.  Tanta?s product line includes a wide variety of over the counter healthcare products that every family uses daily; their goal is to provide their customers with affordable alternatives of expensive brand name pharmaceutical

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Tanta Diarrhea Relief Caplets
24 Caplets
Canadian Brand
Tanta Muscle & Back Pain Extra Strength Relief
40 Caplets
Canadian Brand
Tanta Result Pregnancy Test
2 Tests
Canadian Brand
Tanta Result Pregnancy Test
1 Test
Canadian Brand
Muscle & Back Pain Relief Extra Strength
18 Caplets
Canadian Brand
Tanta Allergy Relief Extra Strength Tablets
Cetirizine Hydrochloride 10 mg
20 Tablets
Canadian Brand
Tanta Calcium Carbonate Tablets
100 Tablets
Gluten Free ProductCanadian Brand
Tanta Calcium Carbonate With Vitamin D
100 Tablets
Canadian Brand