How Veer was born. And it's not a fairy tale.Once upon a time, there was a gentleman and father of t

How Veer was born. And it's not a fairy tale.

Once upon a time, there was a gentleman and father of three who grew frustrated by the status quo in the Kingdom of Strollers. As mothers and fathers repeatedly struggled to carry kids and supplies up and down and across the vast green sporting fields from here to yonder, Andrew, a gentle soul, endowed with courage, intuition, and insight, thought to himself, there is a better way.

Andrew had always longed to hang a shingle out himself and imagined this was his chance. He decided to pay a visit to great Stroller craftsmen he once knew. There were Brady, Neil, Nicolas, Megan, Tom, Amy, Lisa and Nick who gathered to hear Andrew's plan. They thought he was crazy at the start for they knew that the Stroller Kingdom was well fortified. But Andrew prevailed and they chose to join him on his quest nonetheless.

After two years living in a windowless workshop to avoid curious neighbors, the wheelmaker, metalworker, designer, engineer, and marketer gave birth to a chariot like no other. One to take forbidden roads fueled by endless imaginations.

One day they took a rarely traversed trail only a short distance from the village. The Cruiser - as he called it - was loaded up with children eager to explore the magical sights of unknown lands. Carried away by excitement, they found carpets of wildflowers and creatures with a thousand legs. As the air filled with fine scents and the sounds of laughter grew louder, darkness suddenly descended upon them.

Andrew talks about an imaginary leprechaun with a bright lantern that guided them back to the village. Whether it was real or product of his imagination, his Cruiser had achieved his purpose. It woke up the child dormant within everyone and encouraged imagination and make believe.

Later, Andrew and his craftsmen were crowned for the good deed and today the Veer Cruiser is available in many villages throughout the Kingdom. When you shop for one, it has been said you may find Andrew standing next to it. Oh! what a sight that would be.

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