Altura Pink Table Salt
250 g

Pink andean table salt from Bolivia. The non-treated pink salt is harvested at 3000 meters above sea level in the heart of the Andes Mountains . The unique and elegant pink color comes from the minerals and trace elements found in the pure ancient sea salt deposits.

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J: about a year ago

Again, I have had an amazing experience with I forgot to change my address on my account and the order had already shipped by the time I realized it. Staff at acted quickly and my order arrived at my new address with little delay. As for the Altura salt - it's still the only salt that doesn't cause my feet and legs to swell with excess fluid. I use it for everything including pickling. Love it!

J.: more than a year ago

I had a good experience with My order arrived quickly and all was well. This salt is the only one that does not cause me to retain water. When I use regular table salt my feet and legs are like balloons. Altima salt doesn't have the same effect - plus a little goes a long way.

CARMEN: more than a year ago

Love it , nice natural and no chemical, and a fast delivery, incredible service at I have order for the last 5 years, never had any problem.

April: more than a year ago

I love this salt! It tastes great. I would recommend only using it on foods that can handle a lot of salt or in liquidy stuff because the cut of the salt is pretty coarse compared to table salt. It would be nice if they offered a salt with a much finer cut.

Leah: more than a year ago

I used to be of the mind-set that salt is salt, but have been experimenting lately with a few different types, and now see that's not so. This salt, in my opinion, is exceptionally salty, so I am able to salt things very lightly while still getting a good flavour from it. I don't use it as a table salt though, as I think it may be a bit strong for that for my taste.

Julio: more than a year ago

This is the real thing not the highly processed white stuff from the supermarkets!

JUDY: more than a year ago

LOVE IT ! i now enjoy salt in my diet

Dawn: more than a year ago

great value for such a nutritional salt. Tastes amazing in my cooking and as table salt.

PJ: more than a year ago

Jessica: more than a year ago

I love Altura Pink Salt. The pretty pink color comes from its mineral content that makes this salt beneficial to my health. It enhances the flavour of everything I cook, bake and salads. It is great as finishing salt too.

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