Redmond Earthpaste Amazingly Natural Toothpaste Unsweetened Spearmint
113 g / 4 oz
Earthpaste delivers all the benefits you expect from a toothpaste without any chemicals or unnatural additives. It’s toothpaste unlike any other you’ve experienced — you’ll see the difference on your brush and feel the difference in your mouth.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Food Grade Redmond Clay, Redmond Real Salt, Spearmint Essential Oil, Menthol, Tea Tree Oil.

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Shawn: about a month ago

I was a little unsure of this toothpaste before purchasing, but overall the reviews were good so figured we'd give it a try, and get rid of the chemical toothpaste.
Even my wife really liked it, and the kids too. I'd Personally like a little more flavor but will try the other flavors next to see what's best.

We are totally amazed how it makes your teeth feel so clean, like you just had a professional cleaning. And even after waking up in the morning my teeth still feel nice.
Maybe it's just fluke but both my wife and I noticed that are teeth seem whiter too.

I would highly recommend this.

Amy: a few months ago

The consistency of the toothpaste takes a little getting used to, but once you've used it for a bit the regular stuff feels slimy. I also find that my teeth feel cleaner longer after using this toothpaste. Great stuff!

Laura: about a year ago

This unsweetened one gives a real burst of mint. Makes your mouth feel super fresh. Teeth feel smooth and clean like just after a dental cleaning. Not sure why this one is more money but doesn't have the xylitol in it??? Still I will buy more.

Squeaky: more than a year ago

I have been using Earthpaste exclusively for about 3 years now and my teeth are in great shape. I'm always done at the hygienist in about 20 minutes and they always say what great shape my teeth and gums are in. This unsweetened one is the best, I was so happy when it came out! The other ones tasted too sweet for me and I wanted a strong flavour. I wish it was stronger! My kids and husband use the lemon

Lorraine: more than a year ago

I like Earthpaste in general but I do not care for the taste of this one. To me it tastes more like the clay than does the peppermint version (which has a more pleasant taste) and this one seems to be less gentle on my teeth and gums for some reason.

Beau: more than a year ago

Excellent product. When I first opened the tube I was sceptical. The colour was not typical of other toothpaste but I was pleasantly surprised after I brushed my teeth. My teeth felt very clean and mouth very fresh. Love this product. Just visited my peridontist and gums are in excellent condition.

Yvonne: more than a year ago

Takes some getting used to as it is very different from commercial toothpaste but I'm very happy with it and it works for me.

Matthew: more than a year ago

I just got this flavour last week and I've been loving it. I've been using earthpaste for around 9 months and I've tried cinnamon wintergreen spearmint and lemon. Wintergreen and lemon are likely the mildest. This one is strong and it really leaves a fresh taste in the mouth without the sweetness. My last dental checkup was very positive with no signs of decay. My sensitivities from receeding gums went away a coupe weeks after I first started with Earthpaste and hasn't been back. It is inferior at removing stains but brushing with a little activated charcoal helps. Previously I used commercial toothpaste.
Great product.

Lucie: more than a year ago

Love this toothpaste.

Jennifer: more than a year ago

I have been using Earthpaste for almost six months now, having just recently switched to this type. It is the best, hands down. I had gingivitis regardless of how faithful I am with brushing, flossing and using Listerine. My mouth always felt like it had a slimy coating, even though I faithfully cleaned with all those fluoride products. I even used that rinse and paste for gingivitis you get from the dentist. My teeth still fell apart, my gums were still ging-y, cavities still happened and my breath was never fresh.

First brush with Earthpaste, no slimy feeling. One week in, my breath didn't breath smelled like nothing. Two weeks in, I noticed the coffee and tea and tobacco stains were gone. I fought with these the hardest. Two months in (after TWO YEARS OF TREATING), my gums are ging-y free. My teeth don't ache, I don't have to cover my mouth when I laugh anymore, no slime or "sticky teeth", and no chemicals.

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