Stim-U-Dent Plaque Removers
100 Picks

Stim-U-Dent picks remove plaque and help fight gum disease.


  1. Moisten thoroughly in mouth to soften wood.
  2. Insert between teeth with narrow flat side next to gums.
  3. Use gentle in and out motion to clean between teeth. Do not force into tightly spaced teeth.

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Sandra: a few months ago

We have used stimudents for years and when these thinner ones came out, we were hesitant to use them as they seemed to break. Now that I use them more expertly, I found none of the stores in Winnipeg continued to carry them. I was thrilled to find them on this site and even more thrilled when I found them on sale. I find flossing difficult and these are a great help.

Janet: more than a year ago

My dentist recommends these for my daily routine. offers them at a lower price than I can get at our local drug store. Always pleased with a bargain and excellent service.

Therese: more than a year ago

I use these all the time. I still use my floss - make sure you wet the tip with your saliva before using. Great for removing "larger" pieces of meat, nuts etc. I remember my dad using these 50 - 60 years ago. They must've gone off the market then just re-entered. Good idea.

Dave: more than a year ago

I've been using this product since I quit smoking in 1996. I tell people I've quit smoking but I'm addicted to Stim-U-Dents. I'm never without them. I don't have the self discipline to floss regularly so this is a good alternative. They're getting hard to find in stores and when I do find them they are often flavoured. I prefer the plain. Please keep them in stock!

Sital: more than a year ago

Have been using this product for years. My husband and I are never without it. We were having a hard time finding it in stores and are thrilled it is available @

Diane: more than a year ago

I have always loved thiis product. It has been hard to find in the stores lately, so I decided to look on your website and sure enough it was there. A great product for stimulating gum tissue and getting out food particles between the teeth (great to have at restaurant!

Denis: more than a year ago

My dentist suggested I use these 30 years ago. Haven't found them lately at Wallies or Drug stores. Glad to see them here, and at a good price!

Patricia: more than a year ago

I have used Stiumdents since I was about 18 years old... which means they have been around over 50 years... They were recommended to me by a Periodontist in Toronto, who was well qualified. They are so, so much better than floss or toothpicks and the gum area benefits from the process. I find that carries some of these really fantastic "olde" products and stores today have neither the patience nor intelligence to realize that they are not benefitting customers with quality products like this one. Stimudents are made from something that is soft and light like balsa wood, but I'm not sure exactly what it is, but it's pleasant and comfortable to use.

Paul: more than a year ago

The side-tapered shape is just right for getting between the gums to remove food particles while at the same time lightly massaging the gum tissue. The wood in the product is not as hard as a conventional toothpick, a feature I like because it is gentle on teeth and gums. My mouth feels clean after going around my teeth with Stim-U-Dents. I keep a pack in my car as well as at home. Good time-tested product.

orocam: more than a year ago

I have been using them for around 10 years or more. They are hard to find in stores now so I was happy to find them available through I guess they weren't selling enough to stay in stores. These are perfect for removing food particles and massaging gums. I really don't like using floss. Stim u dents are easy to use anywhere, even while driving. But like floss, they are best used in private, or at least under cover of a hand. I have tried plastic substitutes but I find them either flimsy or just don't feel right. Wood is so natural, just soft enough and feels right.

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