Aleva Naturals Bamboo Baby Diapers
Sizes Newborn - 3

Bamboo Baby Diapers are the perfect eco-friendly alternative for green conscious parents. They are made with unbleached bamboo fibers on both top and bottom layers to provide the best comfort and protection on the most sensitive skin. Traditional diapers are bleached with harsh chemicals, and the residue from these bleaching agents may be one of the many causes of skin irritations and rashes. Bamboo has an anti-bacterial agent called Bamboo-Kun, and therefore does not require bleaching. For this reason, Bamboo Baby Diapers will give moms the peace of mind that they are providing the best for their baby’s precious skin.

 Bamboo Baby Diapers are ultra-soft with a cloth-like feel to provide the maximum comfort for your baby. These disposable diapers are extra-strong with flexible side panels, a breathable back layer and a pocketed back waistband to ensure a snug and comfy fit for your baby. For extra leakage protection, our double sided leak guards are snug around the legs, while the 3 line wetness indicator changes colour to alert parents it is time to change their baby’s diaper. Aleva Naturals® Bamboo Baby™ Diapers are the comfortable, reliable and eco-friendly choice!

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Kristina: a few months ago

I purchased these because they got such a great review and honestly, I hate them. The fit is terrible the newborn size still barley fits my 2 month old who is growing nicely. They are just 2 big .. all the diapers in the pack are inconsistent in size some bigger some smaller .

They shift and scrunch during wear.

When they are wet they feel very damp and tend to make my baby s clothes feel wet ..

It’s to bad I really wanted to like these diapers ..

Sarah: a few months ago

These are wonderful! so soft and i found to have very little to no leaks. The new born to 1 size is a little big, but that was a small NON ISSUE!
These are just wonderful!

Evguenia: a few months ago

I like the fact that its ultra soft, not comparable to horrific plastic pampers, but the sizing is way too big for newborn however this size more suitable for bigger child 4 months plus

Emma: about a year ago

These are my absolute favorite diapers. I am on my third child and after trying Honest, Naty by Nature, a few other natural and store brands as well as Huggies and Pampers I still have not found anything comparable.

These are soft like pampers but have all natural componants. They don't have the papery feel of Naty or the stiffness of Honest, and they are completely biodegradable. It is important to note that the size 1 diapers don't properly fit a newborn as they are the equivelent of a Huggies or Pampers size 1. That being said, I still preferred them on my nb and dealt with the odd leak as a result. They do on occasion feel moist but not enough to require a change and I haven't found them any more or less likely to leak than any other brand. I literally CAN NOT say enough good things about these. I absolutely love and swear by them!

Anabela: about a year ago

These are my favourite diapers! I haven't had fit issues and they are very soft. The only time I've had issues with leaking was when I went too long without a change (4+ hours). I love that they're biodegradable.

Farrah: about a year ago

Good: soft, bamboo, nothing resembling plastic
Bad: sizing way too big. Outside of diaper feels moist even when not very saturated within.

Tiffany: more than a year ago

I find these diapers fit too large in the leg / length and though the material is soft and cloth like, the elastic leg material leaks easily. If baby is lying sideways expect to change his outfit. I prefer the Attitude diapers.

Megan: more than a year ago

I tried these diapers in the hopes that they would be better than the naty brand that we were using. Unfortunately they were much worse. Although soft, they would leak before the indicator line had changed and I ended up having to do more changes and often change the wet pants and onesie too. I wish they were better since I like that they are made of bamboo.

Jan: more than a year ago

Was very excited to try these because we use a lot of the Aleva products but for being the size for a newborn diaper, they were way too big!! They were very absorbent and easy to use but have to wait until my little one is bigger to fit in them.

Joy: more than a year ago

These are the best diaper and natural diaper I have ever tried -- and I have three that have gone through diapers! I have gone through every imaginable diaper, domestic and overseas, that is on the market.
These are super absorbent because of the bamboo and never have I had one leak or experience a blow out.
The super soft inside is like putting a cloth diaper on your little one. No scratchy insides like a lot of the natural ones can be. They even have a wet line mark! Such an amazing feature in a natural diaper.

These are perfect in every way except for sizing -- they tend to run a little bit bigger, but that's alright with me.
My little one was born at just over 6lbs and the newborn sizing says from 4lbs -- that diaper will never properly fit a 4lb baby, it didn't fit my little one until about 7-8lbs pounds.
You will not be disappointed with these diapers!

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