Crazy Forts
Ages 5+ 69 Pieces
Just add bed sheets for endless fun! Children of all ages love building fun structures where they can play endlessly in their imaginary worlds. Crazy Forts are powered by a child's imagination. A single Crazy Forts Kit contains 25 geometrically precise balls and 44 sticks that connect to create a multitude of possible play structures. Simply throw a bed sheet over top and watch their creativity flourish. A rocket today an undiscovered cave tomorrow a princess' castle one day and a wild horse in a corral next week are all possible with Crazy Forts. The more they have, the better it gets as multiple kit structures are even more impressive. Durable, portable and best of all, no batteries are required! Crazy Forts makes imaginary play easy and fun!

Customer Reviews 3.5/5
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Robyn: more than a year ago

LOVE this so much and it was a great hit with both my son and husband who have spent hours building new configurations and designs. My only suggestion would be to buy 2 so that you can create even more fun!!

Laura: more than a year ago

We donated this gift to a child in need and have heard that it is a ton of fun! Kids can make their own fort to keep adults out. Their imaginations can soar inside their one space!

Angela: more than a year ago

We bought these for Christmas gifts. My daughter, age three, loves hers. We bought gifts here as cheapest price we could find online.

Erin: more than a year ago

So much fun! My 5 year old will pick out a design and my husband and I will build it. It would be too difficult for my daughter to do on her own but I like that it gets the whole family involved. We haven't had a problem with it falling down, even with two sheets and a blanket over it. We are mindful of the directions though, making sure the arrows are pointing up. Once it's assembled my daughter will gather blankets and pillows and make a pretty cozy spot to hang out in. We'll leave it for a few days and then take it down just so we can build something new!

Kirsten: more than a year ago

Super fun and awesome! Our 4 year old loved putting this together with his Dad ( adult help is best for assembly).

Catherine: more than a year ago

This toy is too difficult for a child to build with my son has difficulty getting the sticks to stay in, and he's pretty strong and good with his hands. I hate it. I spend ages trying to build a structure with him and the second his little sister touches it the whole thing comes apart. His older cousin has the same toy and his Mom feels the same way about it.

Suzanne: more than a year ago

This toy has been brilliant. Follow the simple instructions of keeping the arrows up on the ball, structures are easy to put together.

My daughter spends hours playing in her fort. I used to use a couple of sheets to cover it and but then put together some old curtains on a string to drape around the structure.

Easy to put together and easy to put away.

Laura: more than a year ago

This is the most frustrating toy! As per the previous review, the sticks don't stay in- they require a twist [which most young kids can't do- strength and agility], and when you've already got one end attached, it's nearly impossible.
The sticks also snap off in the holes, making the stick no longer useable, and the hole in the ball useless as well.

Add to the fact that there are obviously 60 pieces [or, 120 when a "fun" aunty buys TWO sets]... and you've got hours upon hours of kids hitting each other with sticks, falling on sticks [that always stand up at odd angles, ready to gouge out eyes or jam in ears!]..

We [try to] use a sheet to cover this.. the days the structure remains sturdy enough to stay up, a king queen size sheet doesn't cover it [and we make small structures.

I hate this toy.

TJ: more than a year ago

My kids love their Crazy Forts! They can configure their own "castle" or each have their own little movie tunnel with stuffies and a bowl of popcorn. True, they do come apart easily, but if you stick to an age category of 4 yrs and up, they should be able to watch themselves well enough to take care and not break it. Construction is easy so the kids can help build. Just add a sheet and viola! Perfect for rainy/wintery days.

MJW: more than a year ago

Crazy forts will drive you crazy. The sticks do not stay in the holes, even when you think you've forced the stick in as far as you can on one ball, as soon as you try to connect another to the other end, the first one pops out. They are an exercise in frustration.

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