WagJag Deal at Well.ca!

If you bought the Well.ca deal with WagJag and are looking for more information on how to redeem, you've come to the right place!

To get started, you'll need your voucher code from WagJag. If you haven't received it yet, please contact WagJag directly at 1-855-4-WAGJAG. Unfortunately, we're unable to help you until you've received this voucher from WagJag.

If you're ready to redeem your voucher, please click on the product you bought, either in your WagJag email or below. Your voucher should clearly state whether you purchased Cruisers, Swaddlers or Baby Dry, so pick carefully because your voucher will only work on the item that you purchased. While the regular price says $59.99, your voucher will cover the entire cost of the item.

Pampers Cruisers - Largest Box + Well.ca $10 Gift Card
Pampers Swaddlers - Largest Box + Well.ca $10 Gift Card
Pampers Baby Dry - Largest Box + Well.ca $10 Gift Card

Once you're on the correct product page, select a size and add the item to your cart. When you're ready, press "Checkout" to enter the next stage. If you're new to Well.ca, you'll need to sign up for a new account. If you've been here before, you know what to do!

After you've entered your delivery and payment information, you'll have a chance to enter your WagJag voucher code (including the hyphen). Please enter this code in the "Discount Coupon Redemption Code" Box on the payment information page, as below. You'll see the discount applied to your order on the following page.

WagJag Coupon Redemption Help

Continue through the check-out process. When you're satisfied with all of the details, click "Confirm Order".

Congratulations WagJagger! Your diapers & Well.ca Gift Certificate will be shipped to your door shortly!

Well.ca $10 Gift Card

Please note that your gift card is a physical voucher that is added to your diaper order. Unfortunately, you can't use it for this purchase because you will only receive it when your order arrives at your door! Please make sure to open the plastic pouch attached to your diaper box and remove the voucher.

Finally, Well.ca aims to go green! WagJag diapers are going to be shipped in their original packaging. We will affix a shipping label as well as a plastic sleeve with your gift card enclosed on the box of diapers. Since we are selling 10,000 cases of diapers, we wanted to do our best to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing the amount of additional packaging needed to ship your order!