BIOS products are made to keep pace with an aging population.  They include fever thermometers, asthma monitors, assisted living devices and metabolic rate diagnostics. All BIOS Diagnostic? products are backed with medical device licenses, issued by Health Canada. BIOS focuses on new diagnostic technologies and products that exceed patient's expectations

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Bios Washable Underpads
Bios Polar Ice Gel Pack
6" x 12"
Bios Transparent Nosey Cup
4 oz
Bios Polar Ice Gel Pack
6" x 6"
Bios Metal Shoehorn
Bios Square Shower Mat
53 x 53 cm
Bios Polar Ice Gel Pack
10" x 15"
Bios Fitness Slim Digital Scale
Bios Pen Again
Bios Indoor Thermometer & Hygrometer
Bios Roll A Lotion
Bios Ice Bag
Bios Rotary Nail Clipper
Bios Indoor or Outdoor Digital Suction Cup Thermometer
Bios Black Elastic Shoe Laces
2 laces
Bios Easy Opener
Bios Bath/Shower Stool
Bios 2-in-1 Rain Gauge
Bios Quilted Chair Pad
Bios Round Barometer
Bios Indoor/Outdoor Suction Cup Thermometer
Bios Indoor/Outdoor Suction Cup Thermometer
Blue Jay
Bios iLapdesk Cozy Work Station
Bios Suction Grab Rail
Bios Red Two-Handled Cup
8 oz (237 ml)
Bios Flo-Trol Vacuum Feeding Cup
Bios Silicone Toe Straighteners
1 Straightener