At Lug the focus is on the creation of bags and accessories that exemplify an organized family lifestyle; with Function, Fashion, and Color. Lug bags products are designed for women, men and families on the go - ideal for day to day life, and savvy travelers alike.

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Lug Cargo 5 Piece Packing Kit
Victory Collection
Lug Puddle Jumper Victory Gym / Overnight Bag Heather Black
Lug Sidecar Cross Body Bag
Midnight Black
Lug Puddle Jumper Backpack Heather Grey
Lug Adagio Destination Tote
Walnut Brown
Lug Boxer Gym/ Overnight Bag
Plum Purple
Lug Hopper Hip Pouch
Rose Pink
Lug Swoop Hobo Tote
Walnut Brown
Lug Sidecar Cross Body Bag
Coblat Blue
Lug Propeller Overnight / Gym Bag Aqua Teal
Lug Tango Travel Wallet Pearl Grey
Lug Cartwheel Gym/ Overnight Bag
Cobalt Blue
Lug Camper Cross-Body Bag Heather Grey
Lug Propeller Overnight / Gym Bag Olive Green