ObusForme interacts with the human body in the most effective and natural way possible. ObusForme's team with insight into the human form and environment support the development process, examining the human anatomy and the way that it interacts with products while people are sleeping, sitting or on the go. 


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Obus Forme Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow
Model: PL-MEM-NK
Canadian Brand
Obus Forme Replacement Lumbar Pad
Model LP-BLK-01
Canadian Brand
Obus Forme Back Belt
Model: BB-ML1-ML
Size: Male Medium/Large
Canadian Brand
Obus Forme Neck & Neck Plus Cervical Pillow
Model: PL-CMB-01
Canadian Brand
ObusForme Lumbar Support with Massage
Model: SS-BLK-01
Canadian Brand
ObusForme Supporting Roll
Model: SR-BLK-01
Canadian Brand
Obus Forme Memory Foam Leg Spacer
Model: PL-LEG-SP
Canadian Brand
Obus Forme 4-Position Pillow
Model: PL-4PS-MF
Canadian Brand