Lice & Nits Treatment

Lice & Nits Treatment
Shop for head lice treatments at If youre wondering how to get rid of head lice then youve come to the right spot. We have head lice remedies and even natural lice treatments. You want to not only get rid of lice eggs or nits but also kill the lice eggs. Get head lice home remedies with tea tree oil or try head lice kits like the Holista Complete Head Lice Kit or Thursday Plantation Head Lice Kit. You can otherwise make your own kit and get a head lice comb, lice shampoo, tea tree oil and detangling spray!

Try some of our most popular lice and nit treatment brands like Thursday Plantation, Lice Squad Canada or Lice Shield.

NYDA Head Lice Treatment
50 mL + Comb
NYDAcomb Metal Lice Comb
Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Shampoo
Certified Organic
200 mL
Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Conditioner
Certified Organic
200 mL
Lice Squad Canada Louse Trap Comb
Shield Leave In Detangling Spray
147 mL
Shield Shampoo & Conditioner In One
295 mL
Thursday Plantation 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil
25 mL
Thursday Plantation 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil
50 mL
KidsMedic Plastic Lice Combs
2 Combs
Nix Premium Metal Two-Sided Lice Comb
1 Comb
Clotrimaderm Cream 1%
20 g
Holista Complete Head Lice Kit
Tea Tree Oil Shampoo & Pure Tea Tree Oil
I Kit (3 Items)
PharmaSystems Dual Lice CombSystem
2 combs
Thursday Plantation Head Lice Kit
125 g
PharmaSystems Lice Comb Kit
1 kit
Pharmasystems Medi-Sweep Plastic Lice Comb
1 comb
Lice Squad Super Hero Head Lice Kit
8 oz
Lice Squad #1 Time Head Lice Solution
7 oz