Abreva Cold Sore Treatment
Docosanol 10% Cream 2 g

Abreva contains docosanol, real medicine that is clinically proven to shorten the duration of the cold sore and shorten the duration of the symptoms associated with cold sores. It helps reduce the duration of burning, itching, tingling, and pain so you can get back to living your life.

Abreva works best if you start treatment at the first sign of a cold sore or fever blister outbreak – when you feel that tingling sensation and continue applying it as directed five times per day until the cold sore is healed up to a maximum of 10 days. The sooner you catch it, the better your chances for speeding cold sore healing.

Abreva is Canada’s #1 Pharmacist recommended OTC cold sore remedy.

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Polys: a few months ago

This product is very effective against cold sores.

Maureen: a few months ago

This tiny tube is worth every penny. I did not have during a recent trip overseas. I purchased a local product that stung and did not heal the cold sore. I will not be without this.

judy: about a year ago

terrific - nothing else works as well. apply first tingle or feeling and it will never come up or scab or scar. takes most of pain out too. I would typically use about 4 x in two days then it is gone. tube much better than pump

Karla: more than a year ago

Great product, stings a bit at first but helps a lot.

Jacinthe: more than a year ago

Great product !!!

Mo: more than a year ago

I get cold sores on my face. It works grate if you use it as you feel one is going to come out. The bumps do not get big or painful but for me the itching didn't go away In a case that I used it after the cold appeared it just soothed the pain.
It might seem expensive but its totally worth it!

Pauline: more than a year ago

Awesome product - caught and treated my cold sore before it spread beyond my lip, did not even get a noticeable scab. I had less pain as well.
I had tried Abreva before with less success - the trick is you do have to treat it at the very fiirst symptom to prevent any spreading.

jedikitty: more than a year ago

Having tried various lotions and potions, incl. prescriptives such as Zovirax, getting to the end of the proverbial rope, I tried Abreva, and was very pleasantly surprised how effective it is. It not only shortens the duration; it also seems to prevent the forming blister(s) from bursting open, and spreading.
I found out that majority of cold sore sufferers are deficient in L-Lysine (also available right here on Well!) and, to effectively combat the cold sores, I pair Abreva with one to two capsules of L-Lysine during the outbreak.
It is not known if the Herpes causes shortage of L-Lysine in one's body, or if it is that shortage that manifests in the outbreaks. All I can tell you that ever since I started taking one 500mg capsule of L-Lysine daily, it drastically reduced the frequency of the outbreaks.

I highly recommend Abreva (and L-Lysine supplement) to anyone pestered by frequent cold sores.

Marianne: more than a year ago

Angela: more than a year ago

Gentle, non-irritating and it works on all types of cold sores, even those that migrate from your lips (ie around mouth and on chin). Thank goodness I sought help from my pharmacist, as my doctor gave me antibiotics and ointments that only served to make them worse (he thought it was infected facial acne) and only lead to other skin problems. After only 2 days the affected areas are almost cleared up!

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