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The Consultation Process

Step 1:

Book your appointment type

Online and in-person* are available to consult with an experienced Physician or Nurse Practitioner.

Step 2:

Complete your secure intake forms

After speaking with the booking team, you will receive your appointment details, date, and time. Keep an eye out for your triage form which will be emailed to you to be completed before your appointment.

Step 3:

Online or in-person* Consultation

During your appointment, you will be assessed by an experienced Physician or Nurse Pracitioner to determine if medical cannabis is an appropriate and safe treatment option for you. A Medical Document (prescription) may be provided.

Step 4:


A Cannabis Educator will review your medical cannabis questions and ensure you are connected to the best matched Licensed Producer for your medical needs. You will receive personalized information.

Step 5:

Book your followup consultation

The Apollo Medical Cannabis Clinic team closely monitors your progress with your personalized medical cannabis treatment plan and will schedule an online or in-person* follow-up consultation for renewal. A New Medical Cannabis document for authorizations will be issued as needed.

*available in Ontario only

You will be redirected to a secure, Apollo Medical Cannabis Clinic webpage.