Currently serving Ontario only. Must have migraine diagnosis.

Migraine Relief

Helping you manage your migraine, at home.

Migraine relief is not a one size fits all solution. Let us help find what works for you. Start today with your free migraine assessment*

*This program is designed for patients with a migraine diagnosis, and who are not currently pregnant or planning to get pregnant.

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Virtually connect with a migraine-trained healthcare practitioner for a free migraine assessment and relief plan.

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Complete migraine screening & your appointment.

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Patients must meet program requirements to complete migraine assessment. Click here for program requirements.

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Migraine Relief

Book your free migraine assessment today to better understand your condition and to discuss possible solutions for relief.

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What are the migraine assessment program requirements?

To be eligible to participate in the Migraine Pharmacy Network Program, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You want help in managing your migraines
  • You have received a migraine diagnosis from a doctor
  • You have 4 or more migraine days per month
  • You are not currently pregnant nor are you planning to become pregnant
  • You have tried at least 1 preventative migraine treatment

What is the Migraine Pharmacy Network?

The Migraine Pharmacy Network (MPN) is a treatment inclusive network of migraine-trained healthcare practitioners who provide enhanced support to patients with migraines and headaches. The MPN offers patients free and easy to use resources and clinical support to help manage their migraines.

Why do I have to do a migraine screening?

This screening will help us understand how to help you best!
If you meet the program requirements above, we’ll provide more information about the Migraine Pharmacy Network program and answer any questions you have before diving into your full assessment.
If you do not meet the requirements, we’ll explore what other options outside of the migraine program could be helpful for your unique headache experience. The practitioner may make non-prescription recommendations as well.

What is the cost of these services?

The Migraine Pharmacy Network is free for patients, physicians, and pharmacists.

Who is a migraine-trained healthcare practitioner?

The Migraine Pharmacy Network is made up of both pharmacists and nurse healthcare practitioners. All of our healthcare practitioners have received migraine training and will be able to offer you a migraine assessment.