BEACON provides personalized therapy through your digital device that’s always guided one-on-one by an accredited therapist, to improve your mental well-being.

Most benefits plans in Canada cover BEACON, in whole or in part, as a reimbursable expense.

A course of BEACON guided digital therapy includes:

Your personal assessment results reviewed by a therapist (to confirm BEACON suitability and tailor your care path).

A customized course of CBT including readings and activities selected for you (completed by most people in 6-10 weeks).

Up to 12 weeks of guidance from a BEACON therapist.

12 months access to your BEACON history and resources.

Find your resilience

Complete a personal assessment (usually takes 20-30 minutes), so your BEACON therapist can tailor your care.

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BEACON Therapy Helps

BEACON is customized digital therapy. It’s guided by a registered mental health professional, and is there for you anytime, anywhere you want it.

BEACON provides Cognitive Behavioral Therapy through your digital device (iCBT). It’s a clinically-proven method that helps improve mood and anxiety. BEACON has been used by Canadians from coast to coast – see what they think in this video

Curious about how BEACON and CBT can help grow your resilience?

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BEACON Works on Your Time

Guided by a registered mental health professional there’s no need to worry about keeping face-to-face therapy appointments. With BEACON, everything is on your terms in a way that protects your data and privacy.

BEACON digital therapy assesses and provides care for a range of mental wellness issues including mild to moderate symptoms related to depression, anxiety, panic, insomnia, and PTSD.

Take a little time every day for BEACON – with a commitment to therapy and improving your life, your resiliency will grow.

Ready to explore BEACON in-depth?

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*Preferred pricing will only be granted to clients who click through the "Start My Assessment" link on this page. If clicking through elsewhere, enter code WT2BnE for preferred pricing.*

See regular pricing.

· $49* for therapist review of your assessment results
· $169 unlocks your first 2 weeks of access to therapy
· $169 unlocks the next 2 weeks of therapy
· $169 unlocks the remainder of therapy (to a maximum of 12 weeks); also includes 12 months access (from therapy start date) to your BEACON history and resources

Total: $556

*This cost is non-refundable. If it is deemed by a therapist that BEACON is not suitable for your needs, the cost may still be claimed under your benefits plan.

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