Now in its fourth decade of business, AMG Medical Inc. (the supplier of MedPro), was founded by Allan M. Goldenberg in 1972. Allan had previously worked for ten years in a variety of positions at a small surgical instrument import company. Driven by a burning desire to run his own

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MedPro Disposable Under Pads
50 disposable pads
MedPro Tongue Depressors, Senior
MedPro Cotton Tipped Applicators - 6 Inches
Sterile, 2 per pouch
200 Applicators(100 pouches of 2 Applicators)
MedPro Cotton Tipped Applicators - 6 Inches
100 Applicators
MedPro Tongue Depressors
100 Tongue Depressors
MedPro Home Care Commode
1 Commode
MedPro Aerosol Mask Set
Adult Mask
3 Items