Acclaimed nutritionist Gayelord Hauser founded Modern Products in 1925 to share his philosophy that gourmet taste and good nutrition go hand-in-hand.  These seasoning blends add a variety of delicious tastes without adding fat or calories.  And all of the Modern Seasoning products are made from the earth's purest, most natural

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Modern Spike Original
Gourmet Seasoning
85 g
Modern Spike Gourmet Seasoning Large
397 g
Spike Tenderizer Magic!
106 g
Natural ProductKosher Product
Modern Spike Salt Free Magic!
54 g
Kosher Product
Modern Spike Gourmet Seasoning
198 g
Modern Vege-Sal Seasoning
283 g
Modern Spike Seasoning
Salt Free
127 g
Kosher ProductNon-GMO Product
Modern Spike Vegit Magic Gourmet Seasoning Shaker
56 g
Natural Product
Modern Spike All Purpose Salt Free Seasoning
255 g
Non-GMO Product
Modern Vegit Spike Gourmet Seasoning
4 oz
Modern Spike Salt Free Garlic Magic! Gourmet Seasoning
64 g
Natural Product