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MindBeacon provides personalized therapy through your digital device that's always guided one-on-one by an accredited therapist, to improve your mental well being.

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Guided Therapy Program

MindBeacon guided therapy program is free for all Ontario residents.

MindBeacon Guided therapy Program includes:

Your personal assessment results reviewed by a therapist to confirm program suitability and tailor your care path.

A customized course of CBT including readings and activities selected for you (completed by most people in 6-10 weeks).

Up to 12 weeks of guidance from a MindBeacon therapist.

12 months access to your MindBeacon history and resources.

Find your Resilience

Complete a personal assessment (usually takes 20-30 minutes), so your MindBeacon therapist can tailor your care.

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Live Therapy Sessions

Live therapy sessions starting at $130/hour. Pricing may vary based on your practitioner.

How It Works

Choose your therapist.

Choose when & how you connect with a therapist.

Virtually connect with your therapist for mental health support.

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