Close-Up Whitening Gel Toothpaste with Mouthwash

Close-Up Whitening Gel Toothpaste with Mouthwash has a great-tasting sweet cinnamon flavour for confidence to spontaneously get close.


  • Red gel with fluoride - protects teeth against cavities
  • Microfoamers - gently cleans and whitens
  • Real mouthwash - freshens breath

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Customer Reviews 4.5/5
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Wendy: about a month ago

Great taste and does the job.

Lynn: a few months ago

I like the flavour. It tastes like those little heart shapped cinnamon candies.

CeeCee: a few months ago

My husband uses this as he doesn't like the taste of mint in toothpaste. I use it occasionally too. Works very well.

Kat: a few months ago

This isn't a very cinnamon-based flavour at all, and reminds me a bit of Crest Kids toothpaste from when I was a kid (I'm not sure what it tastes like now), it's just kind of a sweetly spiced mint but not detectable cinnamon exactly -- BUT it is pleasant, extra-foamy and cheap, so I will probably buy it again. It isn't the strongest of breath-freshener toothpastes I have tried either, but my mouth feels clean because of how foamy it gets, so it's a bit of a tradeoff. Anyway, I may look elsewhere for a real cinnamon flavoured toothpaste, but for a regular one that's a bit different (it's bright red!) this will definitely do just fine.

Laura: a few months ago

Very good taste, however I do not see any whitening effects :( I will be trying another whiting toothpaste next time.

Andrea: about a year ago

Overall disappointed with this toothpaste. I'd been using the Crest with Scope before this and thought I'd give Close-Up a try. For starters I can barely taste or smell the cinnamon, the toothpaste is more mint than anything. And unlike the Crest Cinnamon toothpaste I got stomach cramps after using this because it so obviously relies on the mint (tummy issues is why I use Cinnamon toothpaste to begin with). The only thing it has going for it is the intensity. It definitely gives you that clean mouth feeling you can only get after you use a nice burning mouth wash, so that part works. Will not be buying again however for reasons stated above. Does not have distinct Cinnamon taste and relies on mint ingredients for the "fresh" feeling so (for me anyway) it causes tummy issues.

Jeffrey: more than a year ago

I have used Close-Up Toothpaste faithfully since 1976 and prefer it above all others. I am so pleased that although Dwight & Church no longer markets the brand, we all can still buy it at

Michael: more than a year ago

Good toothpaste and good tasting, I like using this daily. Thank you.

Michael: more than a year ago

This is a good toothpaste, its a toothpaste and mouthwash in one, its good tasting and the lower price one also. Thank you.

Clement: more than a year ago

Love this toothpaste, bought it because it was cheap and it's now my new favourite. Will be ordering again, great taste that keeps your breath fresh a lot longer than the big name-more expensive toothpastes.

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