Dryel Home Dry Cleaning Starter Kit
2 Loads
Dryel is the best way to safely and thoroughly clean your special care clothes at home. The patented Fabric Protection Bag protects clothes and concentrates the gentle cleaning vapor from the ULTRAcleaning™ cloth for optimal cleaning performance. No fading, shrinking, or stretching like caused by wet washing or dry cleaning.

Dryel works in the convenience of your dryer in as little as 15 minutes and saves up to 90% of the cost of dry cleaning. So, when you have suits, dresses, or even jeans and sweaters that need to be cleaned, skip the hassle, expense, and harsh chemicals of the dry cleaner. Choose Dryel instead.

1. Zip It - Pre-treat stains and heavily soiled areas with Dryel® Booster Spray. Add 1-5 garments and 1 ULTRAcleaning™ cloth to the reusable fabric protection bag, sold in the Dryel Starter Kit. The bag should not be more than half full to allow garments to tumble freely.

2. Steam It -
Tumble in the dryer on medium heat for 15 minutes to renew and refresh, or for 30 minutes to deep clean. The heat of your dryer activates the Dryel ULTRAcleaning Cloth to release cleaning agents that penetrate the clothing fibers. These vapors remove body soils and odors from your clothes.

3. Wear It -
Promptly hang your garments to help wrinkles fall out, and your clean and fresh clothes are ready to wear. Clothes should be slightly damp when removing them from the Fabric Protection Bag. If needed, adjust time by 5 minutes. All this in the comfort of your home!

Kit Contents:
Reusable Fabric Protection Bag (Starter Kit Only)
The Fabric Protection Bag maintains the optimal amount of cleaning agents and heat needed to clean your special care clothes.

ULTRAcleaning Cloth
The heat of your dryer activates the Dryel ULTRAcleaning™ Cloth to release cleaning agents that remove body soil and odors so clothes come out smelling great!

Booster Spray
Dryel Booster Spray removes stains, and adds freshness to heavily soiled areas like underarms or collars.

Do not use Dryel on leather, velvet, suede, fur, silk or rayon. Always test garments for colorfastness before use.

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Christine: a few months ago

Love, love love this product!

Patricia: more than a year ago

I have been using this product since the 80's and it is getting harder to find even though it works great! So glad to be able to find it on but sorry to see that the starter pack has gradually gone from having 4 Dryel sheets to 2.

Aimee: more than a year ago

Cheaper and faster than a dry cleaner, and got the cranberry juice out of my ivory dress. Dry cleaner is still required for really heavy/set in stains.

Liz: more than a year ago

As someone else said, I used to buy Dryel & refills at Wal-Mart and they stopped carrying it. So I was happy to find it at Useful to freshen clothes and maybe go to drycleaners just every fourth time. Down side is your item doesn't get pressed but if you hang up right away, it's good enough. Be happy! Save money.

Andrea: more than a year ago

I am very pleased to find that carries this product. I had used it a few years back & now could not find it in any retail store. So glad I found it here. Yes, it does freshen the clothes. I recently put a bunch of clothes together for a consignment shop & they had a distant smell of cigarette smoke, well, the Dryel did the work & I didn't have to pay the heavy dry cleaning bills, thank you!

Joan: more than a year ago

Here in Atlantic Canada it has been impossible to find the starter Dryel kits in the stores any more. I was so glad to find it here at, as the sheets were available here, but my bag had been discarded due to old age. One tip I can give is that besides being great to freshen clothes, it also works well with duvets. The dryer heat and Dryel sheets produce sanitized fresh smelling duvets for our beds, I figure this procedure would also be germ-killing.

Kel: more than a year ago

Great for in between dry cleanings and to freshen up.

Jacynthe: more than a year ago

I only tried it once on a dress so far and it worked fine. I only used the refreshing component, not the booster spray, but I am very pleased with my purchase.

Irina: more than a year ago

As the other reviewer said it's NOT a replacement for professional dry cleaning. It does NOT work for everything. Dark jackets of my husband did look cleaner and the collar, the dirties part of it, did get rid of the grease. But the light colored jacket stayed the same it was before. I don't know why. I was following the instructions precisely. Before I used ammonium with water for cleaning the collar of the dark jackets. It did the same job as Dryel. So I'm not buying it anymore. We don't take things to the cleaners too often, so it doesn't ruin us financially.

Karine: more than a year ago

Excellent product. I highly recommend it. It freshens up clothes, protects against moths, and removes odours. I even used it to freshen up a coat that had a light stain to it, using Tide remover stick. It came out of the dryer perfect, with no mark at all. I already bought a refill set to make sure I always have this product in stock.

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