Snore Guard Anti-Snoring Device is a prescription-free way to help prevent snoring!

Snoring happens when your jaw relaxes during sleep allowing soft tissue in your throat to collapse and block the airway. These soft tissues rub together to create noise. Snore Guard works by holding your jaw slightly forward while you sleep. This is called mandibular repositioning and effectively keeps your airway open so the soft tissue at the back of your throat doesn’t vibrate and cause snoring.

Snore Guard is clinically proven to reduce snoring and treat symptoms of mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea.

How does Snore Guard fit? It is quick and simple to perfectly fit your Snore Guard. Warm the device with boiling water and shape it to your mouth. Detailed instructions and pictures are included with every Snore Guard to answer any questions you will have as you fit the device.

How Snore Guard Works:

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Carolyn: a few months ago

The device worked for about a week for my husband, but since then, has only worked occasionally. He also has to drink water throughout wearing the device as his mouth dries out.

Rob: a few months ago

Works great tried it right out of the box even without the boiling water mold it to your teeth instructions. Feels a little weird but it did not stop me from falling asleep. WIFE REPORT: He did not snore at all.

loretta: a few months ago

I have use this product for 2 years and it is the best I have ever tried, I wake myself up with snoring I am that loud but the snore guard cured that. mine is now worn out and I am desperate to replace it.

Neil: about a year ago

It stops my snoring. 100%. I usually sound like a large walrus, or smilar. It would get 5/5 if it was more durable. I have bitten throught the blue soft plastic. Also the blue is separating from the white plastic, I am concerned about hygiene. But it works. Worth putting up with the rest. First time in 20 years I haven't woken the neighbours.

Carol: about a year ago

I love this product. I have been using for a year and will buy a new one soon. It definitely stopped or reduced my snoring. I don't wake up anymore and feel so much better in the am. I worried about going this route vs a more expensive dental appliance. I see my dentist every 3 months and he has not mentioned any changes.

Tom: more than a year ago

Would give this a 3.5 if I could do half-stars, but I will be generous and round up to 4.

The Snore Guard definitely reduces snoring for me - not 100% but I breathe & sleep much better with it in.

Biggest complaint is the molded blue material at the bottom - it's not durable enough. I've bitten through this and rendered the guard useless in as little as 2 weeks. But still, it's the best off-the-shelf product I've tried for snoring reduction.

I might be willing to spend more on an option from a dentist if it can open the airway further, or if it lasts longer.

Alex: more than a year ago

Excellent customer service, customer oriented synergy and superb delivery timeline. A cut above. Was really impressed. Will shop at Well. ca over and over again. Keep up the good work.

Brett: more than a year ago

I have been using the snore guard for about 5-6 years now. I have been told it is about 80% effective,but definitely better than not using it. Probably not the best solution out there, but it has come down in price. It works well for teeth grinders, so 4 stars for that.

Phil: more than a year ago

I have been using the snore guard for the last 5 years and my wife has been very happy with the results and that is what matters. The wife says it works 95% so will continue to use it and recommend it to all my friends who have this issue. It takes a little time to get use to it but once you do you won't be able to sleep without it. The cost is reasonable compared to other products on the market. Dentists may say that it may cause teeth deformation but that is only because they will recommend their product that they pay 50.00 for but charge you 500.00 for the same type of product. I have used it for 5 or more years and get dental checkups on a regular basis and all is good.

CONNIE: more than a year ago

My husband has used Snore Guard for four or five years now. He doesn't snore at all when he uses it and admits that he gets a better sleep because he doesn't wake himself up. He says that it does take a few nights to get used to it and that it is really important to fit it properly when you receive it. It is somewhat costly but if you don't want to sleep in separate bedrooms it is worth the money.

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