3M Tegaderm surgical tapes provide a range of performance and quality to meet your needs. Their tapes are easy-to-use, economical, latex free and hypoallergenic. Tegaderm products are perfect for securing dressings, tubing, catheters and other devices. Their tapes are available in a variety of backing and adhesive characteristics for your

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3M Tegaderm Film
6 cm x 7 cm
100 Bandages
3M Tegaderm Transparent Film Dressing
50 bandages
Nexcare 3M Tegaderm Transparent Dressing 401
10cm X 12cm
6 bandages
3M Nexcare Tegaderm Transparent Dressing
6cm X 7cm
6 sterile dressings
3M Tegaderm Dressing + Pad
6cm X 10 cm
50 bandages