Kahina Giving Beauty

Kahina Giving Beauty defines their mission as providing the highest quality skin and body care produ

Kahina Giving Beauty defines their mission as providing the highest quality skin and body care products while preserving, protecting and enhancing the resources (natural, human and cultural) behind the brand.

Beyond offering effective skin and body care products, they aspire to infuse the objects and experiences of our daily lives with meaning. They do this by highlighting region-specific ingredients and elevating the people who grow, harvest and produce them. Drawing from ancestral traditions and knowledge, they apply the best of modern green technology and design to create exceptional products and experiences.    

Kahina was founded by Californian native, Katharine L'Heureux. While growing up on a vineyard in Napa Valley, she learned that quality ingredients, appropriately sited and grown with care by dedicated individuals, results in excellent products. In 2007, while on vacation in Morocco, she was introduced to Argan Oil and its amazing, skin-loving benefits. Intrigued by the story of Berber women, the indigenous people of North Africa, whom for centuries have undertaken the hard work of extracting argan oil from the nut of the argan tree, and recognizing a need in the marketplace for simple organic skincare, Katherine decided to create Kahina Giving Beauty. With argan oil at the brand's core, she created a simple, effective, ethical, safe, and beautifully packaged line of skin and body care products, inspired by Morocco and made in the US.
Kahina Giving Beauty Values:
  • Quality: source the best ingredients from around the world to create effective formulations
  • Philanthropy: committed to elevating the natural, human and cultural resources behind the brand
  • Authenticity:  transparent  practices
  • Passion: bring commitment, care and integrity to everything they do
  • Design: every product is beautiful and meaningful

Kahina Giving Beauty donates 1% of its annual revenue to organizations that directly benefit the women in the South of Morocco and their families.  Two of their favorites are Education for All, Morocco and the High Atlas Foundation.

Education for All in Morocco (EFA) is an organization that provides safe boarding homes for girls so that they can continue their education beyond elementary school. Currently, most girls end school after fifth grade because their parents are not comfortable sending them away to the cities where centralized schools are located. EFA allows both the girls and their families to feel safe and secure in their decision to further educate their daughters.

The High Atlas Foundation(HAF) raises money for a number of regional initiatives including delivering clean drinking water to remote villages in the High Atlas Mountains, creating jobs and protecting the environment by planting community-run nurseries in rural Morocco.
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