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"Sitti" (si-TEE) means "My Grandmother" in Arabic. Living life with love, purpose, wisdom and dignit

"Sitti" (si-TEE) means "My Grandmother" in Arabic. Living life with love, purpose, wisdom and dignity embody the Palestinian culture. It's about keeping hope and peace alive in the midst of chaos. It's a state of mind.

Two women, inspired by one community of refugee women and their unbreakable determination to find work and support their families, turned into a conscious enterprise for Noora Sharrab and Jacqueline Sofia when they formed Sitti Social Enterprise with the women from the Jerash Refugee Camp, in Jordan. This is the story of Noora, Jackie, and most important, the women of Jerash Camp.

Noora Sharrab, the co-founder and regional director of Hopes for Women in Education, felt a special bond with the young women of Jerash Camp, whose stories hailed mainly from Gaza - the home of her and her husband's ancestral families. Since 2011, Noora has developed the NGO into a highly regarded international organization, providing annual scholarships to Palestinian refugee women and girls so that they can complete their university education

Jacqueline Sofia came to Jordan in 2011 as a Fulbright Fellow, and through her previous work with the refugee resettlement community in Baltimore, MD, was connected with the women of Jerash "Gaza" Camp.  Rather than returning to Baltimore after her fellowship, Jacqueline chose to make good on her promise to the women in Jerash and stayed in the region to help facilitate a series of capacity-building programs that focused on applicable skill

Three years later, these two women have come together, inspired by the thousands of women in the Jerash Refugee Camp whose ultimate goal is to create a better life for themselves and their community.

Through commitment and a goal to help empower and bring forth financial sustainability through skilled-work by the women in the camp, Sitti Social Enterprise came about through the hard work and determination of the women from the Gaza Refugee Camp. Their love for tradition, culture, and nature was the product of each and every soap bar produced. By working closely with the women in the camp, Sitti blossomed into the social enterprise it is today.

Each bar of soap is made by hand. There is a lot of love that goes into this soap, as well as skill and patience. Nabulsi olive oil soap must dry for at least 30 days before being wrapped and taken to market for sale. The time it takes to make each batch of Sitti Soap bars represents the commitment of each woman to her family, her community, and her culture. The women of Sitti Soap Company work hard to create quality products for you and your family.
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