STOTT PILATES is a contemporary approach to the original exercise method pioneered by the late Joseph Pilates. STOTT PILATES offers high-caliber Pilates equipment, education and media worldwide. With their line of home exercise equipment, Pilates accessories and a DVD library of over 155 titles, STOTT PILATES has everything you need

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Merrithew Eco-Deluxe Mat Blue/Black
Canadian Brand
Merrithew Eco Mat for Kids Funky Monkeys
Canadian Brand
STOTT PILATES Foam Roller Deluxe Green
24 Inch
Merrithew Mat Strap Plus
Canadian Brand
Merrithew Pilates Express Mat Stone
Canadian Brand
Merrithew Twist Ball Purple
6 lbs
Canadian Brand
STOTT PILATES Regular Resistance, Non-Latex Flex-Band Exerciser
STOTT PILATES 24 Inch Foam Roller Deluxe Black
STOTT PILATES Toning Balls Lemon
2 x 2 lbs Toning Balls
1 Pair
STOTT PILATES 3.3lbs Soft Dumbbells Lemon
2 x 1.65 lbs Dumbbells
STOTT PILATES Ankle, Regular Resistance Strength Tubing Lemon
Regular Resistance
Merrithew Balance & Therapy Domes
Set of 2
Canadian Brand
Merrithew Flex Band Regular Strength
1 Band
Canadian Brand
Merrithew Flex Massage Stick
Canadian Brand
Merrithew Stability Ball for Kids Green
with Pump
45 cm
Canadian Brand
Merrithew Mini Stability Ball X-Small Red
Canadian Brand
Merrithew Balance & Therapy Wedge
Canadian Brand
Merrithew Flex-Band Extra Strength
1 Band
Canadian Brand
STOTT PILATES 7.5 Inch Mini Stability Ball Blue
STOTT PILATES Stability Cushion Green
STOTT PILATES Extra Resistance, Non-Latex Flex-Band Exerciser
STOTT PILATES Light Resistance, Non-Latex Flex-Band Exerciser