The goal of Trigger Point Performance was to find materials and trigger point products that could mimic the pressure and accuracy of a thumb. Years of intense research and development, resulted in the creation of Trigger Point Performance Therapy and a constantly evolving product line of advanced myofascial tools. Trigger

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Triggerpoint MB Deep Tissue
TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller Orange
Triggerpoint Accucurve Cane
Triggerpoint Nano Foot Roller
TriggerPoint Universal Massage Roller
Triggerpoint MB 2 Roller
TriggerPoint Grid 2.0 26 Inch Roller
TriggerPoint Carbon Roller
TriggerPoint 18 Inch Core Foam Roller
Triggerpoint STK Target Roller
TriggerPoint STK Grip Roller
TriggerPoint STK Contour Roller
TriggerPoint Grid Stik Grip Roller
TriggerPoint Charge Foam Roller
Triggerpoint MB Vibe
TriggerPoint Impact Gun
TriggerPoint Grid Vibe Plus
TriggerPoint Charge Vibe
TriggerPoint Handheld Massage Ball