Each player gets one of the four decks of 40 cards each. Each deck has a different design on the back (carriage, pump, pail, and plow) to designate players cards. Each player has three cards placed on the table in front of them (post piles) along with a pile of 10 cards (blitz pile). Players try to form sequences of cards (in ascending order, by color) in the center of the table starting from one up to ten. Quickest player to get rid of his blitz pile calls BLITZ and play stops. Cards in center of table count for 1 point each, cards left in blitz pile count for 2 points each. First player to 75 wins.

Ages: 8+
Players: 2-4

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Jason: more than a year ago

This is a super fun game! Not a relaxing game - it's very speedy - but it really blows the dust off your brain, and gets all the players really fired up and having fun!

Great to find it here at I live in an isolated northern community, and it is not available for purchase within 500 kilometers of here, I'm sure!

Kassey: more than a year ago

Love this game ever since I was young! Now that I'm married, we had to get it for our game collect! Fun, fast-paced, and easy to play!

Lise-Anne: more than a year ago

Quick game and easy to pick up. We play with adults for some fast competition, but also sometimes with our 4 year old nephew at a slow pace so he can have fun working on his number and pattern recognition.

Jen: more than a year ago

Great game for the family, but definitely not for more avid gamers. It's more fast-paced than competitive, and we're looking forward to the expansion. However, it is a short game and not very challenging.

Joanne: more than a year ago

It's been a favorite game of mine for over 20 years. My nine and six year old children play too, it's recommended for 8+. I'm on my third set. Setting up tournaments can be fun, too.

Rebecca: more than a year ago

This game is a great party or family game! It's a great hit at parties since it's a fast and competitive game. Also, If you loose or damage any cards Dutch Blitz will send you replacements. They've got an expansion Dutch Blitz out! I hope it will be sold on soon!

Brandon: more than a year ago

i get so excited when my family comes over, we always play this game! you need to have quick hands and eyes, such a great game!

Anita: more than a year ago

Talk about challenging reflexes and eye hand coordination. Great family fun but we did find that older family members were not as keen to get involved in a game. The 20 something crowd sure can whip butt though.

Alicia: more than a year ago

This is one of my favourite games of all time! So easy to learn and allows hours of endless fun! This game is a MUST for your games cupboard!

nearm: more than a year ago

Best Game!! Squeals of delight and maybe even a few scratches seem to happen during our games. Kids and adutls alike will have agreat fun with this game. Takes only minutes to learn it and each round only takes 10ish minutes (or less sometimes) so you can play with just minutes to spare or play to a high score. SO FUN!!!

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