If You Care Certified Compostable Food Waste Bags
3 Gallon (11.4 L) Capacity 30 Bags
If You Care Certified Compostable Food Waste Bags are made from 100% GMO free potato starch in a fully compostable composition.

These bags are all natural -- completely polyethylene free and plasticizer free. 

If You Care Compostable Bags are stronger than bags made from corn starch.  The potato starch used to make these bags come from starch potatoes, which are not grown for food but only for starch production. 

These potatoes are too high in starch to be good for food.  Therefore, there is no diversion from food supplies. To produce the same amount of starch from these potatoes as from corn requires 40% less land.  These potatoes require no irrigation, and need only normal rainfall.  Corn requires much more water.

If You Care Food Waste Bags are for food waste only.  They are perfect for kitchen compost pails.  Line compost pails with bags to collect food scraps and food waste.  Bags along with food scraps can be composted in municipal or commercial compost facilities.

  • Potato starch from non-GMO “starch potatoes” – grown for starch, not for food
  • Blended with certified fully compostable polymer
  • No plasticizers. Plasticizers migrate, which deteriorates mechanical properties of bags. If You Can doesn't use them.
  • Package from 100% recycled board processed chlorine-free (PCF)
  • No polyethylene. 100% certified compostable
  • Potato starch from potatoes grown for starch only – no diversion from food supply
  • Potato starch uses less water than starch from corn. No irrigation necessary, only natural rainfall.
  • 40% less land is used to produce same quantity of starch from potatoes as from corn
  • Use for compostable waste
  • Bags are certified compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI)
  • Bags along with waste can be composted in municipal or commercial compost facilities
  • Cardboard box should be recycled
  • No animal testing
  • No animal ingredients

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Lauren: about a month ago

These are great, they don't sweat either which is hard to find with compostable bags.

Catherine: more than a year ago

These are OK, but every 5 or 6 bags, I hit one that simply comes apart, and I'm not treating them roughly. They're too expensive not to be sealed properly throughout.

Emma: more than a year ago

Love these bags! Perfect for my kitchen counter compost bin. Will buy again.

Keith: more than a year ago

Victoria: more than a year ago

These bags do leak! Sorry, they are not very user friendly either. I found them very cumbersome to open. If you don't open them carefully, they rip right down the sides. I had to line every bag with newspaper or paper towel to cut down on the leaking. It's almost like they start to bio-degrade before you can get them out of the bin a week later. (Our collection is once per week. I use one bag per week as there are only 2 of us in the household.) There is always liquid left in the bin afterwards. The tie tabs hang over the side of the bin quite a bit as well. I would not purchase these again. :(

Sabrina: more than a year ago

I love it, great product!! Easy to use, fit our small bin very well.

Cindy: more than a year ago

Holds green waste really well without bag dripping or breaking & easy to tie up bag.

Gina: more than a year ago

I love these! Perfect size for the little apartment compost bins. Stretchy and strong. Made with way less water and potato starch which isn/'t meant for food. Has like four strap handles that are super easy to tie in a knot and best of all THEY DON'T LEAK! Buy them buy them buy them!!!!

Candice: more than a year ago

PERFECT! We can easily fill our counter top bin and then take it out to our green bin. We also use one in the bathroom to collect disposable gDiaper liners. Small enough to be convenient, and keeps our green bin from getting super gross!

Samantha: more than a year ago

These make very good pet waste/litter bags to compost litter.

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