LitterLocker II
1 LitterLocker with Refill
Revolutionary breakthrough in litter maintenance... Make dealing with kitty litter a hands off task!

As a cat owner, you know that soiled cat liter can smell really bad. You thought that you had no choice but do with litter odours. But now you can get rid of these bad smells for good. You can pick the soiled litter and dispose of it in the LitterLocker pail and bad odours will be locked in. Refills are made of a plastic multi-layer barrier film that uses the Air-Seal technology, thus making the system completely airtight. 

The LitterLocker system has been designed to be used with clumping litter. This kind of cat litter makes it easier to dispose of soiled litter.  When the bag is full, just open the LitterLocker, cut the bag and dispose of it.Then you can pull more film from the refill, knot the bag and pull it to the bottom of the bin. You are now ready to use the LitterLocker again.

  • No more running around for grocery bags :1 refill saves up to 60 grocery bags
  • No more trips to the garbage bin
  • Bin can hold up to 2 weeks of soiled litter (for 1 cat)
  • One refill lasts up to 2 months for 1 cat
  • No more litter box odour
  • The handle closing system also ensures that the bag remains airtight once soiled litter is in the bag

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Jodi: more than a year ago

Absolutely love this! Holds a couple weeks worth of waste in the bags and controls the stinky odours very well. Also love that it has the built-in scoop holder to keep it within reach but out of sight.

Barbara: more than a year ago

Love this product!!

Vikki: more than a year ago

I love Litter Locker! I had the original but since I've been having trouble finding refills, I'm on to Litter Locker II. My cat just may be the smelliest creature on the planet so the fact that Litter Locker locks down that stench makes it the most important thing in my small apartment. I just hope that they don't keep revamping the refills. I'd like to stick with this model and not have to keep buying newer versions.

Sabah: more than a year ago

After doing some research and finding way too many good reviews for this LitterLocker, I finally purchased it. Its been 30 days so far and I've only had to dispose of the waste twice. The refill bag is strong and lasts a long time as there is sufficient space to fill it with 2 weeks of litter. It locks the odour completely so there's no need to throw it out before its nice and full. I wonder when I will have replace the refill that came with the package (and if that would cost a lot in the long run) but so far so good! I love it! It's made my life a LOT easier. no grocery bags, no odour, no trips to the trash every other day and more motivation to keep the litter box clean for my kitty as its much easier to do so now.

Kate: more than a year ago

Easy to use - insert a package of plastic, pull out what you need and tie the end, scoop the litter into the top and when it's full use the hidden blade to cut the top of the plastic and tie the other end. Well thought out design that stays clean despite it's job, and quite durable - I've had one for a year and it shows no wear.

Zoe: more than a year ago

I have some guilt about throwing away litter in a plastic bag as opposed to a paper bag in the green bin, but when I was fostering a sick mother (diarrhea) and 8 kittens this product became a necessity. It really does work very well! The only things that could be improved upon would be the general appearance (would be neat to get them in nice bright colours), it lacks a handle so it's inconvenient to carry if you have multiple litter locations, and there should be an option to get bio-degradable bags for it. I also wish there was some way to tell when the bag is full, rather than only finding out when it won't go down. Yuck. Still, highly recommend it!

Zoe: more than a year ago

I love the Litter Locker II for my upstairs litter boxes. The ones in the basement are fine but in the bedroom where I foster cats it is nice to be able to hide the stank right away and often. Yay!

Anne-Marie: more than a year ago

Wonderful product! It's like a diaper genie but for cats!! Keeps the smell of the litter on lockdown and allows for cleaning more often and less waste! Definitely recommend it! Also, it shipped super quickly! Thanks!

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