Mouth Kote Oral Moisturizer
236 ml

Mouth Kote is the first and only dry mouth (xerostomia) product containing Yerba Santa in an exclusive, patented formulation. MouthKote also contains xylitol, which has been documented in the scientific literature to prevent tooth decay.  MouthKote also has no sugar or alcohol, and has a pleasant lemon-lime flavor.  It relieves dry mouth conditions caused by medications, disease, surgery, irradiation, Sjogren's Syndrome and aging.  Mouth Kote is also the dry mouth remedy preferred by many vocalists and performing artists.

  • Relieves dry mouth and moisturizes gently & naturally
  • Pleasant lemon-lime taste
  • Creates a homogenous layer of moisture
  • Naturally sweetened with Xylitol
  • Sugar-free, Alcohol-free
  • Non-prescription; does not interfere with any medications or medical treatments
  • Not tested on animals
  • Recommended by medical and dental professionals.
  • Helping patients with dry mouth since 1987


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marjorie: more than a year ago

We used to be able to purchase this product at London drugs, but can't any longer. Mouth Kote is a great product, my husband used it as he was on
oxygen and always had a dry throat. I now use it myself.

Keith: more than a year ago

I use it at night because I breath through my mouth sometimes while sleeping which wakes me up. Very effective,tastes good,lasts long,a little goes a long way.

Rodney: more than a year ago

So far so good. with the meds I have been taking, my breath is stinky bad some mornings because of the dryness caused by the meds. So far, I have no real complaints.

Betty Anne: more than a year ago

This is a great product, medications cause dry mouth. Use this in the night and it gets me through the night without having to drink a lot of water. I feel ii is a superior product to biotene. Will continue to purchase.

Lisa: more than a year ago

This tasted horrible and burned my tongue. I much prefer a similar product by Thayer's. Definitely will not buy this again!

Andre: more than a year ago

Very good product! Very good for mouth breathers! Effective up to 4 hrs. Must be repeated.

Shan: more than a year ago

Used for dry mouth resulting from forced mouth breathing while sleeping. Mildly effective the first two days, ineffective afterwards. 2 weeks.

Lynne: more than a year ago

I order this product for my husband for his scratchy throat due to postnasal drip and it works really well for him. He is very pleased with this product.

Joseph: more than a year ago

I have sleep apnea and use this product in conjunction with my CPAP machine. Many people with my condition find that one of the side effects of using the CPAP machine is dry mouth in the morning and even with the built in humidifier you still find your throat is dry as well. Since using Mouth Kote I have found that my mouth and throat feel good in the morning with little or nor dyrness. I have also suggested this product to friends who have problems with dry environments such as homes, apartment buildings and offices. They have reported that they wake up feeling with their throat feeling less raw and the same working through the day. It is also good to to use if you are on the phone a lot or before doing a presentation or a speach. It is also good to use if you are planning on doing heavy physical exercise where you are going to be mouth breathing due to exersion (like running) or in the winter time when the air is cold and dry.

betty: more than a year ago

This is a great product, long lasting, perfect for nighttime use. Was using Biotene (a good product) but Mouthkote definitely last much longer through the night.

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