Go down in the dungeon. Kill everything you meet. Backstab your friends and steal their stuff. Grab the treasure and run.

Admit it. You love it.

Munchkin is the mega-hit card game about dungeon adventure . . . with none of that stupid roleplaying stuff. You and your friends compete to kill monsters and grab magic items. And what magic items! Don the Horny Helmet and the Boots of Butt-Kicking. Wield the Staff of Napalm . . . or maybe the Chainsaw of Bloody Dismemberment. Start by slaughtering the Potted Plant and the Drooling Slime, and work your way up to the Plutonium Dragon . . .

And it's illustrated (now in full color!) by John Kovalic!

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Kirsti: more than a year ago

I absolutely love this game.

Brenda: more than a year ago

This card game is unique in that you never play the same game twice and you need to use strategy to win. My teenage son wanted it and we have enjoyed playing many times so far. It is appropriate for ages 12 and up as it was a little confusing to understand at first. Now that we know the rules- we rock on!!

Nate: more than a year ago

I highly recommend Munchkin - it's the classic Dungeons & Dragons experience, boiled down into a hilarious card game. You'll need that sense of humour though, because once things get back-stabby, friendships will explode like a hamster with a Magic Missile ;)
My only suggestion: put down the couple of extra bucks to spring for the Deluxe edition. It has a gameboard where you track your levels, so there's never any question of who's in the lead (i.e. who you should be gunning for).

Beth: more than a year ago

Great game--best price that we found in Canada! Thanks,!

e9gt78: more than a year ago

A chance to help and to hinder your friends with this silly game. Highly recommended

steve: more than a year ago

My first foray into Munchkin was BITES and BOOTY. However, after playing the original, it definitely takes a first priority. This is more the 'D&D' character version. Hilarity ensues, as expected from Munchkin. The best part about this game is the endless expansion opportunities. You will never tire of the game due to at least 10 additional, clever expansions.

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