Polysporin Cold Sore Healing Patch
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Polysporin Cold Sore Healing Patch uses hydrocolloid technology to effectively treat the cold sore. The patch forms a protective barrier that contains the virus and enables fast effective healing. Instantly hides, actively heals.

Directions for Use: Apply POLYSPORIN Cold Sore Healing Patch at first sign of an outbreak. When the patch starts to detach from the skin, remove it and replace it with a new one until cold sore is healed. Patches should be used 24 hours a day. On average, the patch will stay on for approximately 8 hours. You do not need to remove the patch every 8 hours, only when it begins to detach.

How to Apply:
  1. Wash hands. Ensure skin is clean and dry. Do not use in combination with cream as the patch may no longer stick to the lesion to provide full treatment benefits.
  2. Remove applicator from wrapper and hold ends using both hands.
  3. Gently pull each end of applicator, following the arrows, until adhesive side is half-exposed. Take care not to touch the adhesive side of the patch.
  4. Gently press the half-exposed part of the patch with a finger to firmly place over the cold sore.
  5. Slowly pull end of applicator down and away from the skin in a smooth rolling motion until the patch slips from the applicator. Make-up or lipstick can be applied over the patch. Wash your hands after application.
Removal: If the patch stays on, do not remove or change it. When the patch starts to detach, a new one should replace it. Remove the patch by stretching it along the skin (as opposed to pulling it away). Do not reuse patch to avoid infection of the wound and spreading of the virus.

CAUTIONS: Do not use inside the mouth, on mucous tissue or to treat genital herpes. Consult your pharmacist or doctor if the cold sore becomes severe and/or an outbreak lasts unusually long.

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Carm: more than a year ago

Put one on the moment I noticed a sore starting on my lip. Loved that I could put makeup over it and I felt like it was not exposed, less likely to spread. Day 2 not so great. Lifting off at edges and annoying. Removed it and the sore area tore. Next 2 days it just oozed fluid out the edges. I quit using them but this is the worst and most painful sore I've ever had. It's still bleeding and sore after a week. I'm afraid to ever try these patches again.

Jeannette: more than a year ago

These are the only things I'll use on a cold sore. Not only do they cover it so I don't worry so much about my son accidentally touching it, they hide it pretty well too. I've found they speed healing more than only using a cream, even the expensive prescription creams. Sometimes they are tricky to put on, and you have to try hard not to get them wet or open your mouth too wide (ie. eating a hamburger) but overall I recommend them!

Britt: more than a year ago

This product works great for me! I put one on as soon as I notice my cold sore is active and It speeds up the healing time. In my experience of using it, you have to keep your cold sore dry before applying the strip!!! If the area is wet and you apply or it gets wet inside (say from brushing your teeth) and you do not dry it and replace it, it will not heal fast. I noticed my cold sore coming in on Sunday and bought some and now it's Tuesday and practically gone.

Patricia: more than a year ago

I find these really hard to apply, I seem to ruin 2 or 3 before I can get one on correctly. I also find it hurts to remove and they partially come off when you eat or drink. Not worth the money

Gari: more than a year ago

I bought this product before cold season but luckily didn't get any cold sores. Later I did get a bad sore on the crease at the side of my nose from scratched pimple. It looked terrible and was oozing as those types of wounds often do before they heal. I used one of the clear patches on it, and it hid it beautifully. After 3 days and 3 patches it was totally healed (which is must faster than normal) Quite a surprising and versatile product!

M: more than a year ago

I love these. They are pretty obvious on your face, but for me it was the only thing that kept the virus from spreading. It spread under the patch but nowhere else. I also like them because they protect the sore so it doesn't get infected, and at night it is great to make sure you don't touch it. Pretty expensive but will keep buying.

Cam: more than a year ago

These work very well, in my experience. It takes a bit of a trick to get the patch off the strip but, once you get the hang of it, it's fine. The patches last for hours and keep sores from spreading, and speed the healing some.

Kristine: more than a year ago

Patch has no active ingredient, essentially scotch tape cut into circles.

Judy: more than a year ago

Product a waste of money. Cold sore spread really quick, more so than usual and the patch will only last till you have something to eat or drink and often not that long. Way to expensive for a little piece of clear adhesive.

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